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FS Pirates of the Caribbean JJP LE - HUO - Low Plays - Minty & Loaded


Aug 10, 2019
For sale (Located in Orleans - Ottawa)

POTC JJP Limited Edition #440
Home use only. Under 400 "completed" games, under 700 "started". ~1200 balls played.
It is absolutely loaded with mods, I will try to list them but will probably be forgetting some. I also have about 5 that aren't installed (side art blades, ship ramp protector, about 3-4 more).

Asking 30k OBO. I know it's not cheap but it's probably the nicest POTC you will see, there is zero issues, and I had a friend sell a beat up one, with multiple mech problems and with 0 mods for 25, so...

I am open to trade as well but I'd really like to limit it to 1 machine coming back, but having said that if I had a mind blowing offer I couldn't say no to...

Some of the games I'm interested in:

Avengers AIQ (any trim)
Elvira (any trim)
Rick & Morty
Iron Maiden (any trim)
Star Wars PREM / LE
Star Trek (any trim)
Mandalorian (any trim)

There's probably more, but those are the ones I definitely am interested in more than others...

***MOD LIST***:

Full Cliffy protection set
Limited Edition (100 made?) ship by Lior
Lock bar upgrade art by Lior
Replacement "plastics" by Lior (limited)
Monkey on ship
Chest Lid open / close
Spinning Disc Silencer (a must)
Custom Made subway ramp that allows steeper pin setup (made myself via 3d printing)
Side Blades (uninstalled)
XXX Rum Barrell
Davey Jones statue
Custom shooting knob (not installed)
Ship Rope ladder
Rum Barrell Drink Holder for HUGE jugs of pirate ale!
Pirates be warned shooter rod decoration
... and more I'm sure I'm forgetting a few at least

I should mention too this won't be a quickie one and done unless you have a mover (or straps onhand and are pretty adept at moving 400 lb machines in tight spaces). I have a tight staircase going to the basement (for a widebody, anyways) and this thing ain't moving without some serious know how. I hired movers to get it down there, was the only pin I ever had to do that for...

Also note, there is a technician alert for one of the ship flippers (left), I have *NEVER* had a single issue with anything working properly and I've had 2 people who have been in the hobby 20+ years to take a look and both have said it's a false positive. To get rid of it you could probably take the ship out (there's 2 mods to put in at the same time!), but that's an all day task lol. You can come play 20 games at my house if you want you won't have any issue, it's been on for literally 2 years.


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Aug 10, 2019
Nice looking game. Just curious why these are so much money ??

I probably put it a bit high. I based it on the ads on Pinside, and put it approx in the middle (24k USD) -also noted OBO. It's, I believe anyways, one of the rare games that are collectible as well as an amazing game to boot.

It's probably high because they manufactured so few... 650 LE's worldwide.. a lot of people cancelled their pre-orders when they took out the triple spinning disk that they originally demo'ed it with. There was a lot of anger over that... anyways they did their original run and stopped... by the time people wanted them they were onto the next game.

Some people think they may remake them, it's deff possible... it's a great game though at any rate and I personally think the best looking game ever up and down.

Like I said above though, I'm definitely not "desperate" to sell it by any means... honestly it's more a space issue I have right now than a money one.

Cheers, have a good night.



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Nov 28, 2012
It is a great pin and they did not make many. So supply and demand comes into play. If money is not a factor then this is the pin for you. If money is a factor then just look at the pictures and buy lottery tickets. It isn’t like he is selling a misrepresented clunker here.

Good luck with the sale. If I win the lottery tonight I will be calling you in the morning.


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Nov 25, 2012
Ottawa, ON
This should be the first line of every for sale post:

if you don't like the price, that's fine, I don't really care - kindly fuck off.


Good luck on the sale. I know she's an expensive pin and way outside my comfort zone for a pinball purchase, but it's priced in the range of list price on Pinside. Hurts to write that. Wish I had bought the SE back in the day. Had the chance, but passed.


Staff member
Nov 14, 2012
I have never deleted or banned anyone on PBrev before and I usually just lock threads when people mark their machine as sold or found whatever it was they are looking for. I rarely every have to delete posts but the amount I just had to right now in this thread was more then I've ever had to in a year. I'm sorry you got banned Michael Q but that wasn't my decision or done by me if that is what you think so don't appreciate you calling me out like that when you and I have never interacted before. I think there were just too many moderator reports on you and the other moderators felt like you needed a time out.

There is no need to bring up politics, religion, conspiracy theories or how much pussy you got in college in a pinball for sale thread or even on this forum period. If you don't like the seller's asking price then move on. If a game is priced right it will sell, if not it will just sit and get stale. Let's all be adults here, play nice and get along.
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