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Interested.. but the machine is in Quebec?
Yes it's 1 hour north east of Montréal.Often the distance kills the deal.
J'étais à Juliette à proximité l'automne dernier. Nous avons ramassé un nouveau Seadoo chez le concessionnaire là-bas. Mon fils a conduit la moitié. J'ai demandé s'il était intéressé à revenir. Il a dit non. :-(
Good Day.
My name is Mario Flagiello, and I am a operator and owner of Advanced Coin-OP. We operate coin-op machines in the across the GTA. We have set up a location in the Dundas and Keele area called Shoxs Billiards Lounge and would like to post our tournament on your site.
Please follow the link below to our event.

I have done a bunch more work to it. Installed Cliffys, side art blades, all LEDs, speaker grill programmable LEDs, pop bumper ring LEDs & speaker noise filter. Replaced swing target motor that crapped out, left drop target unit that broke in half and repaired damaged subway ramp. However, my proudest achievement is I contacted a guy in Whitby through Eddie at DRAPL & had the blue ramp chase lights LEDs reproduced.
Hey Buddy, I remember you saying that you had problems with the DE Star Trek audio when you had it. Well it just started doing it again by playing wrong sounds. Do you recall how you fixed it?