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  • Hi Mike I am a newbie even though I joined about 3 years ago. I am somewhat computer illiterate and wanted to post on here WTB Getaway 2 but not sure how. I have also been following some of the most recent threads which in regards to pricing are quite bizarre. I am happy to pay a fair price but in your terms don't want to be this months sucker. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    hi Mike, long time no hear..
    i need infos about a member, mcuzz, do you know him?
    Good evening sir.

    With all your contacts and knowledge in the pinball world, any idea where I can find a Star Wars Data East 1992 at decent price ?
    Willing To travel to GTA if requested.
    Thanks !
    Most dollaramas are sold out of these GB figures. You are best to check a few local stores yourself and see what they got.
    Hey Mike,

    Can you get me a full set of the GB characters? I'd pay you extra of course. Let me know. ;)

    why I can't modify or add pics. Since my last post all is frozen ???


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