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PinGolf objectives


Nov 18, 2012
Mississauga, ON
Hey Adam, haven't been out to a summer topl event yet but it sounds like a lot of fun!

How about these objectives?
TZ: Make the left spiral and combo into the hitchhiker shot for 3 hitchhikers

Make a 3 way combo (4 way for added difficulty)

Score a dead end shot (requires right inlane)

Chris Bardon

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2012
Mississauga, ON
For TZ, I thought about trying to get something like 3 dead ends, because that's an odd shot that most people don't go for. Could also do collect 10 hitchhikers or something, but you'd need to turn on tournament mode to make it more fair.

With Mystery Spot, I figured that with 5 balls, it'd be much easier to get, and would be something you could concentrate on rather than just happening onto it. It also makes things tricker, since I find the "light otto" easy to drain off of.


Active Member
Nov 14, 2012
Scarborough, ON
Mystery Spot - I've seen it 3 times, 2 with me playing and once on my buddy George's first Nd only TSPP game. Bastard. Still haven't topped his score either.

Here's my thoughts for my place.

HS - start multiball.
RS - reach Nashville, or start Radio Riot.
TSPP - complete 2 itchy and scratchy multiballs, or achieve 5 ball multiball.
Wh20 - (until picked up anyways) Bigfoot hotfoot
GL - advance bonus multiplier to 5 times.
Lotr - destroy the ring
FS - win the dinosaur race