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Newbie Mame help please


Dec 22, 2013
I am debating on building a MAME cocktail machine but thought I should try and understand / get to work the software first.
I would like to play several of these roms here www.ankman.de including ( I don't know why this page loads on my phone but not on pc)

missile command
Mario brothers
star wars
sea wolf
and a few more but those really interest me.

I went to the suggested download page and downloaded what took forever a windows version I then save a moonpatrol rom (zip) to the rom folder. I cant seem to execute anything. Is it maybe because I have a newer version of windows on my main pc. Am I better off to go the second hand pc store and purchase a used computer for starters and can anyone direct me to a fairly easy to use version of MAME that would run the roms on the page I provided?

I just need to understand a few basics I guess I was looking at maybe ordering one of these cocktail table kits here https://www.recroommasters.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RM-XT-CLASSIC-PRO
and they can be ordered set up with Mame interface and controls.