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Nov 13, 2012
I don't plan on setting too many rules here.. we're adults, we don't need rules. ;) The only RULE that we will enforce is that there will be no slandering in the FS sections. If you don't like the seller, the item or the price, then don't buy it. :) I'd say that's more common courtesy than a "rule".

That said, here are some simple suggestions to help you buy, sell or trade your items much faster:

- Location, location, location! I'm not saying post your street address, but if your location isn't set in your profile (that's up to you), at least let us know the hamlet / town / city you're in.

- Price! It's hard to put a value on your games.. and everyone has their own opinion. That said, if you have a starting price point in mind then let us know. That way we're not wasting each other's time. If you'd rather do trade-only, that's cool too. Just let us know what's on your wishlist.

- Pics! Let's face it.. these things aren't cheap. So to ask someone to commit to paying $1k+ for something they can't see is pretty unreasonable. Start off small! Send in a couple of over-all shots and go from there.. most buyers here are experienced and will likely ask for pics of certain areas.

- Additional Info! Have anything to add? Can't move the game on your own? Willing to deliver? Add this info to your thread.. full disclosure leads to quicker deals. :) Also you'll find the friendly people in this hobby usually step up to lend a hand. It's how we roll at Pinball Revolution. ;)

- last but not least... Ask Questions! We're not here to scam each other, we're here to keep our hobby alive. If you're new and not sure what to expect from your sale, don't hesitate to ask. Some of us have a lot of experience with these things (especially those of us with the pinball ADD) and we're more than happy to share that experience with the new guys and gals. All I ask is that you post said questions in the appropriate forums (ie. not the classifieds section). Once you get the answers you're looking for, then start up your thread.

The point is, everyone is looking for a good experience here.. it helps the hobby grow and leads to friendships. Follow these simple suggestions and you'll be filling up your basement and pissing off your spouses in no time!!
Not open for further replies.