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  • Hi Menace
    Melanie has been planning to sell our BSD and get a better one at some point. This may be best we can get - we can take it when you deliver MM or work out sooner... if a go we will sell ours
    HI Menace, hope all is well

    We would like to get TZ rivets drilled out and replaced - with new plastics we have.
    2. STTNG has issue in trough optos - now fires repeatedly on power up - can press start a lot and eventually get a game started ... then randomly extra ball will get launched into play
    3. Any update on MM swap plan/timing?
    HI Menace
    Melanie said we can squeeze in one more for my birthday last week ...
    wanted to ask about STTNG for sale - you clearcoated or cleaned up from Thornhill - seems like play and playfield all good still if you remember it ..
    Hey Matthew, I believe you're talking about Colin's STTNG? It's a reasonable shape game, it was a replacement PF and clearcoat as Colin wanted to strip the mylar on his original PF and it ruined all the inserts. He didn't want to spend a lot of $ so it's not the best job but it shows well. I didn't do the CC job or the touchups, I had them done locally.
    thanks, we got it :)
    Hi Menace - coming to Toronto any time soon?
    We could use a couple fixes...
    got a brand new CPub which worked until delivery guy left (ball launch dead and one flipper went semi-dead) and BSD rats no longer registers anything
    cheers Matthew and Melanie
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