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    purchase a new machine from USA distributor

    Hey guys! Wanted to know if anyone has purchased NIB from a USA distributor? Have them ship somewhere to the border possibly. Curious how tax works in this case. Pay USA tax on purchase and then pay HST on import? Any experience doing this I'd love to hear it.
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    SOLD Stern Star Trek Pro - sppu

    Free bump! Anyone know where a guy can pick up that sweet translite?
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    SOLD SW Comic Pro

    Great price for this game. Congratulations to the buyer and seller on a quick transaction.
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    SOLD JP Pro

    Great price for this game. Congratulations to the buyer and seller on a quick transaction.
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    WTB HUO Deadpool

    Looking for an HUO deadpool. Prefer local in Ottawa but willing to drive a few hours for the right deal.
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    SOLD williams indiana jones

    Beautiful game! Don't think I've seen a nicer one. Glwtt
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    FOUND Stern Transparent Red DMD Display Shield

    Stock is clear. I'm looking for a red one to make the DMD look red instead of orange.
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    FOUND Stern Transparent Red DMD Display Shield

    Looking for a Stern Transparent Red DMD Display Shield. Pbl has them but shipping is way to expensive to Canada. Wondering if anyone might have one they are no longer using or if there is a Canadian source for them.
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    WTB mylar magnet protector

    I've heard mixed results with cliffys and them getting destroyed around magnets. Some people recommend cliffys some people recommend mylar. I'm on the fence for both but mylar is cheaper to try first.
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    WTB mylar magnet protector

    Pbl description says This clear magnet mylar protector is pre-cut to 2-1/4" diameter with a 3/4" cutout in the middle to protect the wood around a magnet core I have discussed with a few pin heads and some say that it won't stay because of the way the ball stops so abruptly on that spot but I...
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    WTB mylar magnet protector

    Thanks for the input guys. I appreciate it.
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    WTB mylar magnet protector

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone in Canada might have a spare mylar like this one https://www.pinballlife.com/mylar-magnet-protector.html I'd order from pl but shipping is sooo expensive! Let me know.
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    FOUND various modern sterns

    No longer looking. Found a game. Thanks.