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  • Hello Dino. I was wondering if you could hook me up with one of your Rush inner loop plastic fixes. I’m in Hamilton, Ontario.

    Just wondering about colour dmd for my big buck hunter pro. Do you have one or does anyone make one?
    Also wondering about possibly getting standard playfield glass for 3 machines. Whats the price these days and how could i pick them up?
    Hi. I was wondering if you have 4 DMD color systems left. I'd like to start with that. I haven't been on for awhile. LMK. I'm one of the old originals but not too active anymore. Mike Wong can vouch for me if you like. Thanks. Take care. Mary Ellen
    Good morning. I am looking for playfield glass for a game called Special Force. Is the glass tempered? I am in Oakville.
    If you are looking for glass, send me a PM as I sometimes miss stuff posted to my profile!
    Hi Dino,
    I have a Williams Stellar Wars wide body needing a playfield glass. I live in Guelph so would need to pickup from one of your locations or if you are going to an event.
    Chris Giles
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