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SOLD Off the market: Win-A-Spangles Penny Allwin

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Jul 1, 2016
Gatineau Qc.
1954 Win a Spangles Penny All-win

Add a bit of vintage flair to your game room with this 1954 Win a Spangles manufactured by Oliver Whales of Redcar.

This machine is known as a penny all-win. These machines are quite collectable and valuable across the pond. Here… not so much.

The game is played sorta like a vintage pachinko machine. 1 penny per play. One ball per game. Shooting the ball in a winning cup awards a pack of candy (no candy included with the game)
Backflash and Topflash were replaced by some previous owner. Front was Zolatoned and the door has a bit of a warp to it. No key to the door but coin door has a working lock and key.

5 thin pre-decimal pennies are included with the game.

Trade for some coin-op oddity / pachinko / pachislo/ Arrangeball / Testo Reaction Meter / Tradestimulator…
Nothing to trade? $500 Cash in person.
Located in Gatineau Quebec. No Shipping. I can meet you half way for a trade.


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