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    WTB Total Nuclear Annihilation

    Unfortunately, I do not. I have been patiently waiting for quite a while though. :(
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    WTB Total Nuclear Annihilation

    Not sure if you are aware, but it has been confirmed that a Version 2 is coming out.
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    Shipping to Canada

    I just picked up a pinball machine from Shippsy today. They have imported 5 machines and a bunch of other stuff for me. They are really weird in terms of info that they ask you for, but I never provide any of it and the shipments still clear no problem. My sense is that they kind of don't really...
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    WTB Stern lollipop rails

    Ditto. I need some too! :)
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    Pinball Dolly

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    Have prices gone too far?

    Actually I believe the high priced secondary market is a very good thing for the industry on a whole. Here's my reasoning; My business has spent the last 14+ years selling collectibles and games. My take on the pin market is like that of any collectible market; the older stuff (machines) will...
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    Pinball Dolly

    I have used an Escalera, but bought a different motorized cart for ascending/ descending stairs. Although mine is much better than the Escalera for tackling stairs and moving a "folded up" pin, it does not have any sort of forklift functionality. :( Buying an Escalera would be redundant at this...
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    Games that need a shaker

    I have one on my Metallica Pro. It also has a pinwoofer system and another powered sub. The shaker is not causing problems with any of the music for me. Perhaps you have a loose connection or something?
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    Pinball Dolly

    As my collection grows, my back seems to be paying the price... I have been using furniture movers, but I find them cumbersome and annoying. I would like to buy a dolly that I can just slide under the machine from the front, to lift and move it out of the lineup when fixing something etc. I...
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    Games that need a shaker

    Every game I own has a shaker. They are a "must buy" upgrade for me.
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    SOLD Deadpool Premium $13,500

    Killer deal. I would have bought it in a second, a month ago. Unfortunately I have a NIB I'm picking up tomorrow. :(
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    Tilt TO fire

    From the pics I saw, they look pretty damaged. The combination of intense heat and water damage would probably warp the playfields, plastic ramps etc. :(
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    Let's talk tourneys!

    I could host. I have 28 machines (all modern pins except 1) in my basement, 8 more due to arrive within the next month, a driveway that can fit about 10 cars and a street where my neighbors wouldn't care if there was overflow. (Some may actually want to participate.) I also have 28 1up arcade...
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    SOLD Houdini $8800

    I'll take it as long as you are still willing to "pallet, ship and drop off at D&R depot."