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  1. Ponzie

    SOLD Mandalorian Premium - HUO (Ottawa)

    Mandalorian sold and gone to a first time owner from Montreal!
  2. Ponzie

    SOLD Mandalorian Premium - HUO (Ottawa)

    Hey all, Lowering the price one last time before I hold on to Mando until the snow starts to melt. Happy to keep playing it over the winter. Consider this another "Black Friday" discount... If you're in the Ottawa area, you're welcome to give Mando a try! Cheers!
  3. Ponzie

    SOLD Mandalorian Premium - HUO (Ottawa)

    Weekend bump. Be excellent to each other…
  4. Ponzie

    SOLD Mandalorian Premium - HUO (Ottawa)

    Lower Price Bump! Removed speaker mods and removed some money from the asking price. (Photo updated) Still willing to sell for a bit less if you want IC removed and the original plastic reinstalled. Thanks for being awesome. :)
  5. Ponzie

    BMW X3 - Pinball in back - will it fit?

    Have done that a few times now to get a machine to fit in the back of my SUV... Measurements LOOK fine but there's no way it would have fit.... Removing the head on Spike 2 machines is really easy... Use a sharpie to mark the cables if you want but it's pretty self explanatory.
  6. Ponzie

    SOLD Mandalorian Premium - HUO (Ottawa)

    Would depend on the machine but send me a DM. Cheers!
  7. Ponzie

    SOLD Stranger Things Premium Fully Loaded

    Congrats on the beauty room there... The machine looks amazing... GLWS!
  8. Ponzie

    SOLD Williams Demolition Man

    Said it before and I'll say it again... Perry is a good guy to deal with. Purchase with confidence! GLWS
  9. Ponzie

    SOLD Mandalorian Premium - HUO (Ottawa)

    Monday bump! Thanks for looking!
  10. Ponzie

    SOLD Jurassic Park Pro $9,500 OBO

    Played this JP Pro and it shoots and looks great! Good seller and great machine.
  11. Ponzie

    SOLD Mandalorian Premium - HUO (Ottawa)

    Hi all, Selling my Mando Premium. Includes a bunch of mods: - Official Stern Side Armor - Official Stern Side Blade Art - Official Stern Shooter Rod - Cliffy's installed (common ramp crack occurred fixed with Cliffy, new replacement ramp from Stern included if you wish to install) - Cara Dune...
  12. Ponzie

    # of plays

    The Pinball shed is looking great Perry!
  13. Ponzie

    Do you miss video modes

    Love the Stern Star Wars video mode but the best for me is Attack from Mars… Especially when you can shoot cows… lol
  14. Ponzie

    Considering selling a few games in the next few months

    Congrats! Some nice new titles... We're you able to snag a Cactus Canyon LE? Saw the other thread on the P3... Looks super interesting. Gotta love someone trying to innovate. Hope you get lucky and it delivers sooner than later!