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  1. Ponzie

    Do you miss video modes

    Love the Stern Star Wars video mode but the best for me is Attack from Mars… Especially when you can shoot cows… lol
  2. Ponzie

    Considering selling a few games in the next few months

    Congrats! Some nice new titles... We're you able to snag a Cactus Canyon LE? Saw the other thread on the P3... Looks super interesting. Gotta love someone trying to innovate. Hope you get lucky and it delivers sooner than later!
  3. Ponzie

    Considering selling a few games in the next few months

    Wow. Some beauties. Begs the question on what is incoming??
  4. Ponzie

    SOLD Stern Insider Connected kit (Prem.)

    Wild... So you ran network cables from all your Spike 2 machines into the switch and then into the one reader in Godzilla? Just to confirm,...you're selling the premium/le IC reader kit only here right? I have one already on order from Nitro for my Mando or I'd snag this for sure... GLWS.
  5. Ponzie

    TIP Midnight Madness on Stern SW

    Very cool... I'm still one code update behind because I don't want to lose my custom soundtrack... (pure laziness on my part...) But I remember playing Midnight Madness when that was still in the code... Very cool and sad it was removed... (Oh Disney...)
  6. Ponzie

    WTB JJP GnR Topper

    Currently sold out at Nitro and thought I'd see if anyone had one they purchased but never installed they'd like to sell. Not in a rush but thought I'd throw it out there... (I believe I could buy from JJP direct but trying to support a Canadian if I can...also, I believe P1AG doesn't stock...
  7. Ponzie

    2022 Pinball Releases

    I'm hoping it's JJPs Toy Story and Gomez's James Bond (I believe he took over from Steve Richie when he left Stern for JJP) I'd love to see Bond redone as modern pinball machine and love to see JJP's innovations...
  8. Ponzie

    TIP Guess the number of golf balls ! winners including all ties will get a $20 donation to Pinball Revolution in their honour !

    Woo hoo! Luch thanks for the fun contest and happy to MATCH your $20 donation to Pin Rev. Let me know when you figure out how to get it done. Merry Christmas everyone! Ponzie
  9. Ponzie


    Bought from Perry before and would happily do so again. Love my Star Trek pro. If you've never owned one before, don't hesitate to pick one up. Great shooter that still holds up!
  10. Ponzie

    Pinside 2021 Secret Santa Program - Sign Up Through Nov. 10th

    Participated last year and it was a lot of fun to give (and see all the receiving). Just a note to Canadians on the fence, you’d be paired up with someone else in Canada so you’re not having to ship to the US… :)
  11. Ponzie

    More adds?

    I'd be down to pay to subscribe, support a Canadian site and remove ads. Appreciate you guys keeping it going.
  12. Ponzie

    SOLD Twilight Zone

    Perry is a great seller and gives his machines tons of TLC. Bought from him before and would do so again! GLWT sir!
  13. Ponzie

    GnR Orders after Dec 2020

    Ordered mine from Nitro on October 7th, 2020. Received it on December 8, 2020. Updated to the latest code today (with a cool new intro) The wait I know has to be painful, but IMO, it’s worth it. Just an amazingly fun and different game compared to others out there.