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  1. Mike Walsh

    SOLD TMNT Premium

    Fast - Frustrating - Fun !!!! I have owned this game for about a month and can’t say enough good! Try it.... you won’t be disappointed! GLWS
  2. Mike Walsh

    WTB King of Payne Topper

    Got mine from Nitro.
  3. Mike Walsh

    Steve Ritchie leaves Stern for JJP

    Will be interesting to see what they create!!! Hopefully the chemistry works and they make some great stuff! Fingers crossed.
  4. Mike Walsh

    WTB Rotation VIII

    Just did a search on this game. What a awesome piece of pinball history!
  5. Mike Walsh

    LED Colour

    Get a variety. Sometimes you have to mix and match.
  6. Mike Walsh

    SOLD Teenage mutant ninja turtles premium 9200

    Thanks Jon for the easy transaction! Long road trip but well worth it! Nice to meet you and the family.
  7. Mike Walsh

    New Machine Opinions

    Hey T-1000, Welcome to Pinrev! It’s really hard when it comes to getting the younger ones into pinball. If they already have an interest that’s awesome! Keep to themes that they like for sure. Turtles is known to be a difficult game. Star Wars is a great choice and Hot Wheels seems to be good...
  8. Mike Walsh

    SOLD HUO Elvira House of Horrors

    Holy Shit...... you just made me spit out my coffee!!!! That’s awesome!!!!
  9. Mike Walsh

    SOLD HUO Elvira House of Horrors

    Sorry! It may not be exact, my bad, but my point is that this is a desirable game that is not available for sale on the retail market and rarely available on the used. Many may not like it or be able to afford it but someone may! This hobby is changing daily and as we know most don’t like...
  10. Mike Walsh

    SOLD HUO Elvira House of Horrors

    If you could buy the premium version of this game new today it would be approx $11,500 Canadian plus shipping. The unfortunate thing is P1 is saying it won’t be available until some time in 2022. That’s rough! So in this case how bad do you want it!? GLWS
  11. Mike Walsh

    SOLD Family Guy and Stern POTC, $250 Delivery!!!

    Family Guy is sold! Heading to Ontario!! Enjoy your new game Jon!!! Sale Pending for Pirates!!!