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    FS Dead Pool Premium NIB

    What was the original purchase date? Does it have insider connected?
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    Hey congrats!
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    Next Stern: James Bond.

    Bad game play video if interested https://www.veed.io/view/f981acc1-a177-4842-a08c-332586faea7c
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    Not a TMNT fan and it's a hard game. I would go SW for that reason but I don't love either of these. I think player one has Mando Pros. In stock, I'd get that over either of these.
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    FT Led Zeppelin Premium

    Fantastic game. GLWS.
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    SOLD ACDC Premium

    Wow that was fast!
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    Next Stern: James Bond.

    The Pro is a relative bargain at $7K US, only up $100. You lose the big toys though. Price hikes across the board Jan 1 apparently - grab the "cheap" Sterns while you can!
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    Next Stern: James Bond.

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    Next Stern: James Bond.

    "Oh, yes and this one will floor all your listeners. Mr. Keith Elwin has designed a fourth model of James Bond and it's what we call the 60th-anniversary edition. His game covers all of the actors that have played the role and all of the films so I believe it's 25 films. His game spans the 25...
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    Next Stern: James Bond.

    Oh I realize but even in that demographic, I don't know anyone asking for this theme.
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    Next Stern: James Bond.

    That's a theme I can't get even get a little excited about
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    FS Rush Inner Loop fix

    Mike needs a Rush ASAP. You can come play mine any time. :) Great little fix - I don't seem to have an issue on my Pro but tempted to grab one just in case.
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    SOLD 1979 Gottlieb System 1 Solar Ride $2600.00

    Nicely upgraded pin - Chris is a great seller GLWS
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    Next Stern: James Bond.

    Yes - another killer mech. And no stupid ipad. Game looks really interesting. The theme is so good. Very excited!