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    Straight sale or trades?
  2. Golden Graham

    FS Flipper Button Protectors for Cabinet Art

    Need them for my Stranger Things.... I really think lollipop rails should be standard, but hey, what do I know?! Lol
  3. Golden Graham

    WTB Stranger Things LE/Premium

    Raised it 1k when messaging you? Lol. Gotta love the entrepreneur! The game shipped was only 11.5k. Now, adding on the UV kit and Shooter rod may make up his difference? As those plus my shaker totalled 1k. Then the quieter fan, art blades, vehicles, signs, lighted flipper buttons, plastic...
  4. Golden Graham

    WTB Stranger Things LE/Premium

    I honestly grabbed the last one this past week. I preferred the premium over the LE for many reasons (one was not money). If you can still find one from the US, scoop it up. It is an incredible game. I don’t get the haters.
  5. Golden Graham

    WTB Stranger Things LE/Premium

    Mine plays virtually perfect straight from the box. I opened it last Wednesday, and it is awesome. Very underrated game and thankful I was able to grab perhaps the last NIB Prem around!
  6. Golden Graham

    WTB Pac-Man

    Looking for a friend. Wants to buy an original Pac-Man game (upright arcade or table top) to give his wife for their 25th anniversary. Thanks!
  7. Golden Graham

    WTB Looking for a Stern 5v/12v power splitter

    Just seeing if anyone knows if any Canadian seller sells these. Thanks
  8. Golden Graham

    Led Zep 3

    That machine was one of my biggest pinball let downs I’ve had. Could have been incredible...
  9. Golden Graham

    Houdini opinions?

    Houdini is AWESOME!!! People hated on it for no reason. I absolutely love the game; from aesthetics to rules to layout... yup, some shots are tight but soooo worth it. If you can get one for 5300US, scoop it up. I have owned mine since they first came out and wouldn’t take much less than 10K. It...
  10. Golden Graham

    WTB Pinbits LOTR

    Hey guys. Looking to buy the pinbits LOTR figure mounting plastic protectors if anyone has a spare set. Thanks Kyle
  11. Golden Graham

    FT Stern POTC and TOTAN

    Great job Paul. I was hoping to land the POTC but I was a little too far away. I don’t know Steve, but our communications on the pin were great and he seems like a really stand-up guy. Steve, anytime you’re in Essex, I’ll buy you a beer at my restaurant!! Congrats on the sale man!
  12. Golden Graham

    WTB POTC and IJ4(stern)

    Looking for both these titles. Let me know. Prefer stellar examples.