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    SOLD Alien PB SV version

    Alien is one of my short list pins. Fun game, nice and dark to match the theme
  2. BMHouze

    Tilt TO fire

    The fire really sucks. Will be hard to retain staff, we had a server at the factory during covid. She makes twice what we make in a week in a weekend in just tips. No server in their right mind is not finding another job. It could be a real shit show if the insurance adjuster doesn't keep up on...
  3. BMHouze

    FOUND Looking for Data East pinballs.

    I just found HS got way too easy, way too soon. Then the other options of Checkpoint really started to shine. The shaker, choice of music, even the turn the key to start. Sure it's still RPM or thumper bumpers until RPM. But a very fast paced, fun game. Redline!
  4. BMHouze

    FOUND Looking for Data East pinballs.

    I still liked Checkpoint better than High Speed. Usually they were cheaper to obtain than a Williams or Bally
  5. BMHouze

    FT Fish Tales

    This is one of the titles I always play when I see it at a show. The criss cross ramp can make for some quick scoring. Rock the boat.
  6. BMHouze

    Games that need a shaker

    always loved having to earn the shaker on Elvis.
  7. BMHouze

    WTB First pinball under $3000

    My vote would be Alien Poker, but not for 3K. But I always played AP as a kid.
  8. BMHouze

    kiji $2100 F14 perfect condition with LED's looks like a scam, asking for deposit

    Let's get real, you were willing to lay out the time and gas money to head right over. Gas to drive there is my deposit.
  9. BMHouze

    Whats a Multimorphic?

    Wow, glad I started this thread. Lots of action and info. Now I just need to find one to play.
  10. BMHouze

    Whats a Multimorphic?

    I have been seeing the Ads for the weird Al machine. Looks a bit proto-type-y. Half of playfield is screens. Looks neat, Not neat enough to buy.
  11. BMHouze

    Tilt London

    Next time press start again and reset the game. Some of my wife friends went last week. At least CV was up for you.
  12. BMHouze

    SOLD Godzilla (1998 Sega) REDUCED

    I always liked to play this machine. It was the Mattew Broderick and the (meh) movie it was linked to that kept it somewhere else. Every other Godzilla movie was better than that one. (In my opinion)
  13. BMHouze

    Deciding Whether to Buy a Pinball Machine

    Buy a T2. I bought the game I played as a kid and was happy with it. And so were my brothers when they came by (hey, I used to play that at the local arcade all the time...) Prices have only been going up for years now. The longer you wait, the more you will probably pay.
  14. BMHouze

    Anyone doing GPS for pinball machines?

    I would definitely buy a GPS kit for my machines. Anyone have any suggestions to something I can run power to in my newer Stern. Trackers keep getting smaller. Seems like a solid mod that could provide some peace of mind to me and my insurance company.
  15. BMHouze

    SOLD Stern Insider Connected kit (Prem.)

    I am still on the fence on this. I don't play a whole lot, and prize privacy.