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FS/FT Heavily Modded HUO Tron

Discussion in 'Pinball Machines / Parts FOR SALE' started by TwilightZone, Apr 16, 2019 at 3:57 PM.

  1. TwilightZone

    TwilightZone Member

    Nov 25, 2012
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    I have a heavily modded HUO Tron for sale or trade.

    Has 3D translite which is the best one IHO. Game is in fantastic shape and working 100%. Still smells brand new. I just replaced the EL wire and did a top level shop job: cleaned ramps, cleaned playfield. Completely plug and play

    Mods include:
    - Arcade mod
    - Lit Flynn sign
    - Lit recognizer
    - lit flipper buttons
    - Cliffy ramp protectors
    - Shaker motor
    - EL wire on ramps. Just installed this weekend
    - Lit cycles. Orange one is not working; however I'm including an extra that you can mod. So you can fix it or replace it.
    - ZEUS stickers on stand ups
    - Stickers on stand ups of Recognizer
    - Sticker on top of Recognizer drop band
    - LEDs in GI and in some inserts
    - Mylar in shooter lane
    - Easy remove mylar on side of cabinet to avoid flipper button wear
    - Easy remove mylar on TRON inserts. When I was looking, I saw a few HUO Trons with chipped playfield inserts on N so wanted to proctect that area

    Also included are the extra goodies that came with the game and original items:
    - extra pair of lane guides
    - extra set of stickers
    - one extra sling plastic
    - original light cycle and Cora's car
    - original Tron Arcade
    - original Recognizer

    I've uploaded a bunch of pictures:

    Asking $8,600 CDN

    Games I am interested in include HUO IMV, HUO TWD, Taxi, and TFTC.

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