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#2 Bally Addams Family

Discussion in 'The Menace Files' started by Menace, May 9, 2013.

  1. Menace

    Menace Well-Known Member
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    Nov 14, 2012
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    Santiago de Aurora
    While I'm still relatively awake figured I'd keep the posts coming...


    I got a call about an Addams Family that was having a reset issue, a flipper issue, and the owner had also bought one of the new ColorDMD's for the game and asked me to install it. No problem.

    First up, the reset. The client had purchased the game and unfortunately the knocker coil had been removed for one reason or another. He picked up a replacement coil from one of the usual suspects, installed it into the knocker assembly, attached the two coil wires and found that every time the game fired the knocker (which in TAF is more than most) the game would reset.


    First thing I noticed was the diode installed on the coil. Not needed on this coil in a WPC as these diodes are installed on the driver board already. Clipped the diode off the coil, problem solved.

    Second issue was the right flipper would flip but not stay up. Busted out my DMM to check for voltage on all lugs of the coil (from ground to each lug you should see a voltage) and sure enough one was off, which usually means there is a break in the coil winding.


    Best way to fix this is unwind the broken wire one turn, feed it through the original hole in the coil bobbin and sand off the red coating on the wire. Then wrap the sanded wire around the correct coil lug and soldering it up. Good as new.

    Now that the game was back in action, it was time to install the ColorDMD. I will say for anyone considering one of these for their games, it is a quality product. All of the bits and pieces were included and the instructions for the most part were clear and well written. (the only issue I had was which mounting holes to use on the LCD as there were two sets and this was not clearly indicated on the instructions) Only took about 15 minutes, and I must say the end result looks fantastic in person. For anyone that is in need of a replacement DMD, I would highly recommend looking at one of these instead.



    The client had also purchased a set of TAF Gold CPU and Sound ROM's so I tossed those in for him as well, but as I mentioned in my first post that I am missing pics... this is just one of the many I forgot to document. Basically replacing ROM's is straight forward, just make sure you install them the correct way around (check the original before removal to make sure, as I've seen some PCB's with incorrect silkscreen!) and double check all of the pins are inserted into the socket as sometimes they can get bent under or end up on the outside of the socket.

    Happy customer! :cool:

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    WARLOCK Administrator
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    Nov 14, 2012
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    The Bluffs, Scarborough
    Partly because of this discussion on this pin repair that we have had in the past, Wong, Drano and myself have all purchased color DMD's to install on our games. Our present DMD's in these games are all fine, and we are keeping them on hand as spares if anything else gases out on our other pins. Bulk orders gang, just saying! Even 3 will do to save a few bucks.

    Thanks Drano for arranging it all and having it ready in New York State to pickup.

    Thanks to Menace for planting the seed way back when I can't quite remember.

    Thanks to Drano and Brewmanager who finally picked them up on their Allentown return trip.
  3. DRANO

    DRANO Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2012
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    ColorDMD is a fantastic product, I agree.
    A bit pricey at $400, but when you consider you'll still have a spare DMD (which I desperately needed for another restoration), the cost is offset quite a bit.

    I installed one in my MM and have one for my TAF and WH2O on the way. I'm not a fan of the TAF gold ROMs, so I'm going to attempt to install without them.

    It would be awesome to see/read more detail on the bad coil diagnosis and repair if you ever get another chance.
    I know that a lot of people suspect the coil right away... which is almost never the issue, but in this case it was and I'd love to learn more about the tests you did and then finding and repairing the broken winding.

    Great work as always!
  4. Jjay

    Jjay New Member

    Nov 18, 2012
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    Thanks Doug, I play it all the time and have had no problems since you worked on it. Thanks again :D

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