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Are you able to test and repair a Williams Pinball 2000 power driver board?

Hi Jim, no I don't current work on P2K Drivers. I have no way to diagnose or test them here.
Hey Ponzie. I would need to sell another game (which I think I can quickly). I am in Halifax though. Would you consider shipping to Halifax at that price? It's about $100 terminal to terminal. Let me know and I'll see if I can move a game to fund the purchase.

You can text me at (902) 488-2390 as well.

Hey I’m not sure if your the “Dino” Kim was telling me about, he said you have done some hard tops before on your machines? I was looking to get a hardtop done on my swords of fury.
Sorry if this isn’t you.
Ok sorry get confused with pin Rev at times ...should make better platform
Anyways I have a Metallica Limited Edition with under 200 plays to trade.
Hi Mike see you had sent a reply ..how are you first of all..and if you would like to make a deal I can pickup your pin tonight or in the Morning ..so what do you say ..
Hi Menace
Melanie has been planning to sell our BSD and get a better one at some point. This may be best we can get - we can take it when you deliver MM or work out sooner... if a go we will sell ours
Howdy, trying to sell my lesser TZ - if it sells I will buy yours... will let you know in next week
I see the data east JP is pending pick up. If the deal falls out let me know I will take it at $3200
Hi My address is 5 Woodberry Close, London, NW7 1GD, UK
I only require 1 board please.
I would also prefer pay pal business if you dont mind.

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Thanks David. I can provide a price this evening for you. WIll advise.
Hi David, weird i could not find our conversation, and had to use a different method to reply, any how there is only one method to ship! maybe due to Covid?
$54.64 Canadian. Small packet international Air,
See google link.
I think this is where I can pm you.
Please let me know if you can post to UK.
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Hi David. Yes i can but will need to package the item and get the rates. WHat is your address so i can get the quote to you?
Do you want one or two power boards?

I only accept Paypal and friends and family as payment option or you add the three percent. I do this as the boards are quite dscounted and i provide accurate shipping with a screen shot also.