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WTB Williams Pinbot

Thom Smith

Feb 22, 2019
Waterloo, ON
Hi there.

My interest has been piqued as a result of a listing I saw on the Pinball Outlet website.

They are listing a Pinbot for 3495CDN. I’m no expert but that seems a tad higher than average so unless it’s spotless and fully shopped out, I think I’ll throw my line in the waters here and see if anyone is selling.

My impression from other posts here is that Pinball Outlet is not known for their acumen when it comes to pricing or customer service. But that particular post was from a few years ago so maybe they have changed. I took the time to send an email but during these COVID-19 times, who knows if they are even open.

Anyway, just looking for stories or feedback on them and also seeing if there are any Pinbot’s out there looking for a new home. Condition is not critical but I’d like to get something in good working condition.


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