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FS Various Parts - WH20, Fathom, TAF, Space Shuttle etc


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Nov 15, 2012
I hope everyone is doing well. I haven't been on the forums much this summer.

Just like many people, I've had some extra time on my hands and spent some of it going through all my projects and parts.

I found a lot of stuff I don't need anymore. Rather than list it piece by piece, here are some photos and pictures of what's available. I won't list a bunch of prices but, if it's new, just offer me the same dollar figure in CAD that you'd see on Marco's or other sites. Save yourself the exchange, shipping and taxes. If used, make me a reasonable offer. If someone wants it all, I'm happy to negotiate a more favourable price.

I also have a couple of woodrail projects I would sell, but those are for a very specific type of collector, so just PM me if interested in knowing more.

In the photos shown here I have:

  • Some Fathom parts: old aprons and a brand new unused set of stained blue Reese Rails.
  • White Water parts including new manual, new Cliffys shooter lane protector, used partial set of mountains in very nice shape, a skinned Bumbles doll for anyone wishing to try a winter version. A NOS bigfoot motor
  • Brand new clear repro ramp for High Speed
  • New classic Bally coin door front
  • Space Shuttle upgraded Cliffys lane guides and new pop bumpers
  • Random Bally pop bumper caps
  • TAF gold edition bookcase parts
  • A used guide rail (likely Seawitch )
Pickup is preferred, but I can arrange shipping if required.

Thank you for looking



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