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Stern Led Zepplin

Nov 16, 2020
Not feeling it. But to be honest Led Zeppelin is a hard license to make a good machine out of. I'm a fan of LZ, and can't really think of ways to improve the machine. However, I would preferred original art like Dirty Donnie, and play field being something more spread out. I feel like all of the machine is pinned against the back with 3 ramps that directly feed the flippers. I don't know how much fun shooting at ramps feeding back to the flippers all day can be, especially with all that bare area in the middle. This machine could of been half the size ala Super Mario pin. I hope this isn't a trend that Stern continues, putting a few ramps in the back, leave the rest of the machine bare, and call it a day. Cab art was super lazy on all 3 tiers. Glad it sucks, because I like Led Zeppelin and don't have money for it right now, so it's an easy pass for me. I really hope that Stern goes back to making better machines. Elvira was the last machine I was impressed with and Deadpool as well. I long for the days we will get back to Simpsons type Stern games. They were cheaper back then and more packed, now it seems like they using 1/4 of the back play field to put "stuff" in it and then just phone in the rest and up the price.

Just from looking at it
Art: 5/10
Innovation: 6/10 (nothing special here, pop up spinner...all that work to make a pop up and its a spinner?)
Sound: 9/10 (great to have full length songs)
Layout: 5/10 (feels recycled, been there don't that, bare, lazy ramps to wire forms that feed flippers, third flipper pretty useless on Pro Model, on other models it just feeds the flippers again)

As a side note, I went to my buddies to play Medieval Madness today, after seeing what they came up with 20 years ago, why haven't we improved, I feel a new machine like Led Zeppelin is super lazy compared to what came out with 20+ years ago.
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Mar 11, 2014
Delhi Ontario
The trouble these days is you can't just go to a show and play a bunch of new titles and iron out which one you want.
Grey zone = no showroom play.

Did I read correctly? Not even full songs?
Even my Aerosmith plays the whole song.
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Dec 11, 2020
All steel ramps and a good fun design. Worth playing it at least to judge the flow.
No bashing toy or crazy innovation that we can see from the trailer release videos. Cab art is subjective though.


Nov 25, 2012
Led Zeppelin is super lazy compared to what came out with 20+ years ago.

LZ is super lazy compared to what has come out in the last year or so. JJP Pirates and GnR blow it away. Latest Avengers, from Stern, has way more WOW than LZ. I'm sure LZ will play great, but it really doesn't inspire a purchase for the home. Art all around is meh and the layout is very been there and done that.


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Apr 22, 2014
Ottawa (Kanata)
The cut n' paste job on the Premium is definitely super lazy. I could have done that in MS Paint. Same image on every side. Oops I pasted one extra time than I should have. No problem, now we have backbox art.

Chris Bardon

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Nov 15, 2012
Mississauga, ON
Not a good first impression, especially after the new Avengers. Still want to see how it plays, and the rules make it sound like it'll advance through the songs as part of the gameplay (which could be interesting), but not really any interest in owning one yet (even if I did have the cash/space).