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SOLD Project Phantom of the Opera


Active Member
Aug 31, 2016
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Wonder if anybody is looking for a Phantom Of the Opera project.

It’s a project because I was in the middle of a restoration and it’s been sitting for the last 6 months in my rotisserie waiting to get touch up painted.
So basically quick break down
I pulled the playfield from the cabinet and stripped it completely on the top side.
My plan was to touch up the areas where the gold paint has flaked away. Mostly in the return lanes and a few other spots.
The game was largely mylar covered so I have covered up the mylar with frisket paper.
I did a few layers of clear coat in prep for the touch ups. This is where it’s at now.
The person who was going to do the touch ups is no longer able to do I’m stuck in between just putting it all back together or selling it as a project.
The backglass on this POTO is in really good condition. Only one small scratch on the mask. Overall best one I’ve seen.
Cabinet is decent, few typical chips but the phantom decal is nice and red and not faded at all.
I fixed up all the board work and did battery location when I got the pin so it’s playing great. Game fully worked and had no issues when taken apart.
I would provide photos of everything so if somebody takes his on they will be able to reassemble.

If this type of a project interests you PM me.