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Pint Pingolf Masters


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Nov 14, 2012
Scarborough, ON
On Sunday March 24th at the Pint Public House.

If you've never tried a Pingolf tournament before, it's a lot of fun and very challenging.

We'll be playing a nine hole course, with 3 EMs, 3 SS and 3 DMD/LCD games.

The ball you achieve the set objective on is the score you get for that particular game.

For example - AC/DC - the objective could be to achieve 3X scoring light flashing. You do that on Ball 2, you score a 2 for that particular hole.

Entry fee is $10 which goes 100% to the prize pool for the top 4 players. Players are also responsible for coin drop. You may play additional rounds of the course if time permits, which are $10.

Rounds can start at 11:30 AM, and we suggest that everyone starts their play by 4:00 pm at the latest. We will have a soft stop at 5:30, where any unfinished holes at that point are assigned the maximum possible score (4 on SS/DMDs, 6 on EMs.)

Plan is for top 16 to qualify for playoffs, but that is open for adjustment should we not get at least 32 players.

Hope to see you out! PM me any questions.

Tentative Game List

1. Jungle Queen
2. Meteor
3. Demolition Man
4. Volley
5. Strikes and Spares
6. World Poker Tour
7. Jacks Open
8. Alien Poker
9. Aerosmith

Holes 1-3 are Playoff Bank 1, 4-6 Playoff Bank 2, 7-9 Playoff Bank 3. Top seed picks bank.
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