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Pinballers Pre Ottawa Pinball show Frenzy Tournament (Sept 20)


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Jul 19, 2017
Pinballers (www.twitch.tv/Pinballers) is proud to present the Pinballers Pre Ottawa Pinball show Frenzy tournament.

Friday September 20th at 6:15PM

This will be a Flipper Frenzy Tournament with two 90 minute sessions with a 10 person ladder playoffs after both 90 minute sessions.

26 player maximum

20 Players to start will play a random game against a random opponent. 6 players will be in queue. Players will play in the order indicated. After the game, Player 1 will stay on same game and become player 2 against the first person in queue. Player 2 will go to the back of the queue.

After a win, the winner will get a +1 and the losing player will get a -1. The Player with the best plus minus score at the end of two 90 minute sessions we will do a 10 person ladder where players seeded 7-10 will play one four player game. Last place in this game will be eliminated and the 6 seeded player will join the remaining three. This will continue until a winner is declared.

Cost of this event is $20 with $19 going to the prize pool and $1 for IFPA fee. Light snacks will be provided. BYOB.

Please etransfer or PayPal friends and Family to Mike at ja9uar21@hotmail.com
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