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No Fear


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Nov 14, 2012
No Fear! Do No Fear! :D

Ask and you shall receive

Adam analyzes...


Let's go middle of the ground this time, No Fear was mentioned and this is a game I love to hate.

I owned No Fear for a number of years and was happy to have it in the collection. It is a fast and fun playing game and I do enjoy playing it from a player perspective unlike say TOM which I don’t enjoy at all as player or competitor. No Fear I can have fun with because the jump ramp is great, the modes are fun to play, talking skull is cool and I like the stacking opportunity as well as the 3 mini wizard modes.

But No Fear is as bad as it gets from a tournament perspective because it has everything wrong with it for a player who is going to exploit a game for points.


The first and biggest issue is the Jump ramp which is a shot that if you can hit with some reliability can be worth as much as 25 million a shot and it is 100% safe. There is not a single way to lose a ball from missing this shot. If you miss the shot, it rattles around and returns to the right flipper so you can try and make the shot again.

Tournament players love this as all the have to is dial in on that shot and spend the rest of time getting 25 million over and over again. It’s boring as fuck but you do what you have to do to either get a spot in the final or win. As I’ve mentioned previously it comes down to who is going to shoot that shot more, and that isn’t fun to play or watch.

The other cardinal sin of No Fear is modes that are not worth that much and wizard modes that require no work to get that are worth tons. So you’ll see players start modes and then either time out the mode to get to the next one or instead shoot the jump ramp over and over again until the mode times out and then start the next one. All this is an attempt to get to the wizard modes which again you’ll see players get into cradle a ball or two on the left flipper and then again spend all their time racking up a ton of points just hitting that jump ramp over and over again. If you like playing modes the game does have some fun ones.


Dirt Challenge
Timed mode shoot the jump ramp for 5 million, adding 5 million to every shot made to a max of 20 million

Shoot the inner loop around the head 3 times for 200 and some off million

Timed mode with a base value of 10 million a shot, the left scoop adds 5 million a shot and adds time to the timer

Hurry up value that can be collected on the right ramp, value can be raised by shots to the left ramp.

Hurry up value, jump shot made locks in value for all shots to be worth that.

One thing I think a lot of people don’t know is there is a mulitball on the inner loop of the Skull. If you complete that loop 3 times (That means going from 3rd to 1st 3 times) you get a mulitball called Over the Edge. Over the Edge is a multiball where ramps are worth 25 million and then each shot made adds 10 million onto the overall total.

Spoiler alert – For anyone that doesn’t want to know about the No Fear Wizard modes the text below will be in white so you have to highlight to read it properly.

No Limits - Everything is lit, every shot adds a million to each shot
Fear Fest – Each shot adds to a jackpot value that is collected on the Skull or Skydive
Meet your Maker – Super Jackpot is lit, all switchs are worth 250K, and your Payback Time is 2 hots away from starting.

Ok spoilers over, earlier in the article I mentioned about mode stacking.


There is one stacking opportunity that is very lucrative if you can set it up. It’s payback time and regular mulitball you want to lock two balls and then start payback. To start payback you need to complete the 3 lights on each the left and right ramp. All shots are then worth 25 million and when attached to a multiball you can really rack up some points.

At the end of the day I like playing No Fear but I would cringe at the thought of seeing it in a tournament as that would mean a lot of doing one thing over and over again and that isn’t fun.