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Next Stern: James Bond.


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Sep 14, 2021
Oakville ON
Around 15K for a premium and 20K for an LE, once you include tax and our 0.74 dollar. Wow, prices are insane. Maybe the Canuck buck will improve to be on par (I can always dream ;))

The Pro is a relative bargain at $7K US, only up $100. You lose the big toys though.

Price hikes across the board Jan 1 apparently - grab the "cheap" Sterns while you can!
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Chris Bardon

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Nov 15, 2012
Mississauga, ON
So...there's action figures hidden under the PF? That seems kind of dumb, doesn't it? Really not liking the look of the game as a first impression. Might grow on me, but having the cabinet art that focused on a single movie (e.g. the fact that the translite just says "Dr No" instead of "James Bond") seems a little weird. I suppose if that was your favourite Bond movie that would be neat? I do like the different art on the two sides though.

Looking forward to trying one I suppose. Layout looks like it could be fun, and the music/callouts could be really good.