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Nov 15, 2012
Hey Everyone!
I can't remember the last time I posted here.
The truth is, I just haven't been very much into pinball these last 12-18 months and my basement and garage full of machines is starting to wear on me.

I already started trimming a bit pre-pandemic and, with all the stay at home orders and lock-downs, I haven't really been motivated to have prospective buyers over to look at any other games. In any case, now that thing are starting to relax a bit, I'm looking to continue to cut back the collection and wanted to gauge interest on a few titles. Hopefullly this will give me the kick in the pants needed to get the ball rolling.

The games that I'm planning to put on the chopping block at the moment are a Williams FUNHOUSE and an extremely rare Williams DEFENDER

1980 Williams FUNHOUSE - asking $7500

This is the classic Pat Lawlor design with the first interactive animatronic character.
This machine came to me a couple of years ago and it was extremely well cared for. I've played it very little since then.
The cabinet is nice and bright. Colours are above average. It has an original playfield that the last owner protected with an overlay. It can be removed if that's your preference.
New displays, new ramps, LEDs throughout. New plastics, protectors, rubber etc.
Lots of other new parts like legs, buttons, shooter assemblies and more.

1982 Williams DEFENDER - asking $9000

This is the super-rare pinball based on the popular Williams arcade game. ONLY 369 EVER MADE!
Defender offers extremely unique play that is much more like a video game than a traditional pinball machine. Tons of drop targets along the outer edges of the playfield and even popping out of the middle. They also cover additional stand-up targets that all represent waves of aliens that the player needs to clear. Extra buttons offer bombs and a manual kick-back. The game starts off slow in wave 1 and gets progressively harder and more exciting with each wave. The sounds are straight out of the video game too.

This machine is in excellent original condition. Playfield, cabinet, backglass are all way above average for this title. The game plays perfectly. One pop bumper needs adjustment, but I'll fix that prior to selling.
I also purchased a set of spare plastics and a repro backglass as back-up since this machine is so very rare.
There is likely not more than 3-4 of these in Canada.

Here are just a couple of pics that I had in my archives, but please shoot me a message if interested and I am happy to discuss the games in detail or send more photos.
Games are located in SE Mississauga. I can package and pallet for transport with loading dock access... as long as the buyer arranges everything.

Please PM me with any questions.

Thank you


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