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SOLD Collector Quality 1980 STERN SEAWITCH

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Nov 15, 2012
Hi Everyone,
I haven't been very active in a while. Lots of projects on the go but not a lot of time to document them. Watch for some cool upcoming restorations on a Bally Fathom and a Stern Dragonfist! I'm also finally getting around to working on my Cactus Canyon. Hopefully I can try and share some of that work here soon.

All these new projects also means that space is at a premium... so something has to go.

I'm thinking of parting with my fully restored collector quality 1980 Stern Seawitch.
Along with Stargazer, Quicksilver, and Nine Ball, this is one of the best playing and most collectible machines of the classic stern era.

I did just about everything you can imagine to this pin and you're unlikely to find a nicer example.
Here's a list:

-Original playfield (touched up and clearcoated)
-Cabinet fully repainted with stencils from Pinball Pimp
-Coin door restored/repanted with new decals

New parts include:
-side rails
-repro backglass
-CPR plastics
-drop targets
-flipper bats
-star posts
-star rollovers
-pop skirts (white instead of yellow)
-Altek (no flicker) lamp driver board
-rectifier board
-Pintech displays (white)
-LED lamps in controlled inserts (Incandescent for GI)
-shooter rod/beehive
-Cliffy's flap (shooter lane)​

I may have missed a few things, but it looks and plays great.
Comes with a few small spare parts/plastics etc.

Asking $5000 CAD
Mostly looking for cash, but I might consider combining it with a 2nd machine in trade for an ACDC premium (2 for 1).

Happy to answer any questions.
Thanks for looking.


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