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SOLD 1993 Data East Last Action Hero

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Apr 20, 2017
Lindsay, ON
I’ve had this machine for about 4 years and it’s been lightly used in a home/family environment for that term. I purchased it off an elderly gentleman who had it in his family’s finished basement for 10+ years also with very light use. Prior to that I can’t attest to its history.


- Game plays very well. A lot has been done over the years in terms of upgrades and maintenance

- Upgraded Pinsound board installed with custom sounds on USB.

- Pinstadium lighting installed

- Rubbers changed over to white approximately a year ago

- Most lights have been changed to LED. I did keep some candescent bulbs in certain parts of the back box behind the skin tones

- Crane works great. Never had an issue with it

- Cabinet is in decent shape for its age

- Golden ticket replacement on playfield sourced from Atariatraction

- New flipper board by Rottendog installed about 1.5 years ago

- Flipper rebuild kit installed earlier this year

- New ribbon cables

- New leg levellers

- Magnets, shaker motor all work great

- Latest code ROMs from Dave

- 3 piece Cliffy scoop protectors included (not installed). Some wear at scoops

- Only con to report is occasionally the left flipper will have a delay returning down by a split second. This only happens occasionally. I have not replaced the flipper coils in my ownership but have been told that may be the issue.

Price: $4200. Not looking for trades.

Located: Peterborough, ON. No shipping. Walkout basement with no stairs.

Playfield1.JPG Playfield2.JPG Playfield3.JPG CraneLAH.JPG BoxLAH.JPG BoardLAH.JPG FullMachineLAH.JPG LeftLAH.JPG RightLAH.JPG LeftBoxLAH.JPG
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