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  1. eh97ac

    WTB: Gyruss cab or Gyruss project

    Looking for either
  2. eh97ac

    WTB: Gyruss or Track & Field Cab

    Looking for a cab, any condition for a Gyruss restore
  3. eh97ac


    Trade for a 4 pack of beer from https://thirdmoonbrewing.com/ Decent setup for a MAME box ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0 Motherboard AMD FX-8320 16 GB CORSAIR VENGENCE DDR3 1600 AMD R270X and I'll throw in a sata HD Buy the beer online and mention Sat pickup for eh97ac if you are not from that area.
  4. eh97ac

    WTB Flipper coil

    Does anyone out there have a new flipper coil they could ship me? Looking for a new SFL 19-400 / 30-750 for my Firepower. Bonus points if it comes with a sleeve!
  5. eh97ac

    GTA Powder Coating

    Anyone have a recommended/trusted powdercoat "guy"? I've tried 2 shops who do not do small batches and another guy who was too flaky
  6. eh97ac

    FS Bally Lost World

    $3200 http://pinballrevolution.com/threads/bally-lost-world-playfield-clearcoat.4104/#post-64181 Cleared NOS playfield New Backglass + Trim Set New Plastic set Cabinet Redone with stencils and new side rails LED's under the inserts Altek MPU and Lamp Driver Board, New Recitifier, rebuilt...
  7. eh97ac

    WTB Williams 6 Digit slave display

    Looking for 1-2
  8. eh97ac

    SOLD Centigrade 37

    Fantastic machine 2K
  9. eh97ac

    Mikonos Threads

    The spamming bothers me, how about you?
  10. eh97ac

    WTB C37 or Firepower or Cyclone

    I need something new now that I have a little more time. I'm looking for a player condition all the way down to a complete project.
  11. eh97ac

    SOLD Special Force - SOLD PPU

    The longest stay in my collection but I want to move on to something new. $1200 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xadu14xt403vbt2/AAB01hWyIMW8qY4-Bk1nL1pya?dl=0 Boards all done +nvram Displays are 100% 10/10 BG PF is really good LED's in all the inserts Rebuilt flippers New rubber New drop targets...
  12. eh97ac

    New "For Sale" Section

    Can we have a new "For Sale" section? Here are some ideas Flipper Sales 2 Mikes Sales Peak Pinball Pricing 10K by Tomorrow
  13. eh97ac

    FS Chromed H Channel

    Got a H Channel in Chrome from Pinball Plating, $50 and I can meet up at the Church swapmeet http://www.pinballplating.com/available-parts/bally-williams-h-channels-on-top-of-speaker-panel
  14. eh97ac

    WTB: Gyruss

    Looking for a Gyruss, projects are ok.
  15. eh97ac

    SOLD Downsizing projects - Fathom

    In been thinning the project heard lately. Fathom is up next. CPR Gold playfield CPR Plastic set Reese rails set Merf's apron $1600 No actual game is included
  16. eh97ac

    WTB: Gyruss

    Looking for a Gyruss cab, any shape. No bootleg boards please
  17. eh97ac

    FS Plastic sets

    A few used plastic sets, $30 each. Bad plastics were tossed, what you see is what you get. Galaxy has some new CPR pieces. Centaur Seawitch Galaxy
  18. eh97ac

    FS Things on my floor and possibly from a shelf

    ***** ***** Transformer (E122-142) + rectifier (rebuilt and tested) $200 Various coin mechs $2.50 each Williams Type 1 sound board, recapped and tested $75 Atari Superman MPU and Solenoind combo untested $50 DEMOLITION MAN Cryoclaw base $5 DEMOLITION MAN Silver Claw $5 Siegecraft Flipper Opto...
  19. eh97ac

    Centaur Journey

    Well it took 2 years but I can finally call this one done. ;) New BG, new PF, new light sockets, new plastics, new coin door skin w/ guts rebuilt, boards are all new except rectifier and aux which I rebuilt. Cab stenciled, chrome rails and lockdown....etc the list just keeps going. All...
  20. eh97ac

    FS Bally Viking

    Lower for PinRev members but don't get out of hand ;) https://www.kijiji.ca/v-toys-games/...ne/1317303813?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true