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    WTB Williams System 11, WPC or other DMD Project

    I am looking for a winter project, preferably a Williams WPC or System 11 to complement my CFTBL and Mars Attacks. I would also be interested in RBION or other Stern DMD machine. Thanks.
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    WTB 3" Tweeter WPC '95 (AFM)

    My 3" tweeter (right hand side of backbox) in my Attack From Mars is dead, looking for a replacement if anyone has one kicking around! It's a 4 Ohm, 15 Watt. Photo attached.
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    WTB Attack From Mars Main Cabinet Decals

    My AFM came with new silkscreened backbox decals and two front coin door decals but I need the sides which ironically are the most faded. Anyone have a source where I won't have to buy the whole set? Thanks!
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    Backbox Warnings Silkscreen?

    Still hoping for a silk screener...anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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    Backbox Warnings Silkscreen?

    The backbox of my new AFM has some decent damage which will necessitate repainting the back panel. Is there anyone in Ontario who can silkscreen the warning text back on after painting? Thanks!
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    If/Where to Clearcoat AFM Playfield?

    I am the happy owner of an AFM that is in decent shape but worthy of an overhaul. The previous owner also sold me a replacement playfield that he said is a Mirco, bought about 15 years ago and is still in the original bubble wrap. I will be doing a playfield swap either this winter or next and...
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    WTB AFM Lobster and Cow Ramp Decals

    Looking for a Canadian source!
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    Ontario Powdercoat?

    Thanks! I’m open to suggestions on colour, I was just thinking basic black but I have been accused of being boring…
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    FOUND Williams System 11 or WPC Project Machine

    Found an Attack From Mars and a great seller who dealt with me as first in line and didn’t make me negotiate against the flood of other responders. Thanks Montreal Dino!
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    Ontario Powdercoat?

    I just picked up a nice Attack From Mars and one of the first things I would like to do is powdercoat the legs and armour. I am in Peterborough, any recommendations on places in Ontario to do this? Thanks
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    SOLD Diner - looking for WPC/Sys 11 Project

    Thanks, I will be in touch, possible trade in the works. Are you at the end of Chemong Lake?
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    FOUND Williams Diner

    Hi, PM sent.
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    SOLD Diner - looking for WPC/Sys 11 Project

    I have a nice Diner to trade, I am looking for Williams WPC games or some system 11 (Elvira, High Speed, Whirlwind, BK2000) and would welcome a project + cash. The game plays beautifully, all new plastics, cabinet is in excellent shape, playfield is decent with the usual mylar lifting at the...
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    Ripleys & SF2 $3500 Each

    Thanks. I offered $5200 for the Ripley's, dead air and then "SOLD", no idea for how much.
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    WTB Ripley's Believe it or Not

    Looking for RBION, any condition, project preferred (call me a dreamer).