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  1. John Stimpson

    FS Original XL DMD

    Larger DMD from a Data East. In excellent condition, no issues with display. Just added a colour display. Have videos to show condition upon request
  2. John Stimpson

    Flipper part

    Needing a new flipper rubber for my 1993 Sega Maverick. Anyone in Durham with parts? Regards
  3. John Stimpson

    anyone have a spare Pin GULP?

    Looking for a right side Pin Gulp....anyone out there have one close to the GTA? Cheers John
  4. John Stimpson

    best place for supplies

    I'm in Whitby and am looking for the best place to pick up the following 1 PinGULP, 4 leg/feet protectors some cleaning products ( CP 100 and Novus #2) and some maintenance tools ....where is the best place?
  5. John Stimpson

    Interesting in a Maverick Topper?

    I just purchased a Maverick and I would like to buy the topper, I have a source that is willing to bundle two toppers for 70 USD after shipping. Anyone out there interested in the second one?
  6. John Stimpson

    WTB WWF, WC94.....

    Looking for my first Pin and my dream list includes Royal Rumble , WC94, and Sopranos. Reality is I will need to settle for a late 80's solid state. Any help is appreciated... My budget is around $2-2.5k...please let me know if you have something that can fit the description. I am not fussed...