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  1. Netropolis

    PlayerOne Vs. Nitro

    A question for you Ontario fellers... I have recently been in contact with PlayerOne about purchasing my first NIB machine. I had also previously spoken to Nitro about the same when I was just flirting with the idea of a NIB machine. I am pretty much ready to pull the trigger, The prices are...
  2. Netropolis

    Donkey Kong JR Parts

    I am looking for some parts for a DK JR. I need a Bezel and a CPO Nintendo joystick would be welcome also for the right price. Either original or repro is welcome. Reply or PM me. thanks!
  3. Netropolis

    Q*Bert Parts

    I am looking for some Q*Bert parts. Marquee Bezel Control Panel (with or without a CPO) Repro or Originals - I am not fussy! If you have any parts from a restore you just can't see yourself getting to, or if they are laying around as part of a bulk purchase you made - I would be...
  4. Netropolis

    FOUND Pin*Bot - Top 2 Alpha-Numeric Displays

    If you are parting out, or have a couple extra Williams Alpha Numeric displays - Let me know. Mine appear to have gassed out (prior to my ownership). It is entirely possible that these displays were used in a couple (or more) other Williams machines of the same era - Which ones, I can't be...
  5. Netropolis

    Price Check - Original *IN BOX* Intellivision

    My wife's bestie is in the process of cleaning out her grandmothers house as she is moving into a condo. She came across an intellivision she used to play as a child. It has been stored in it's original box for decades. She also has a couple of games also in boxes, one of which is Donkey Kong...