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  1. kool1

    FOUND Ottawa to GTA

    Anyone doing this trip over the next 2-3 weeks? THX
  2. kool1

    FS Led Zeppelin WizardMod Wizpanel - mint $60

    These sell for $95 on-line. Art for LZ Premium but can be used with white LZ Pros also. Panels are magnetic so never damage the cabinet or speakers. Pick up Oakville ON or I could mail at your expense.
  3. kool1

    SOLD Star Trek Next Generation PPU

    Very nice Williams Star Trek Next Generation pinball machine for sale. Clean cabinet with no broken ramps or plastic. $8500 . May consider a trade for a newer Stern machine. Features Include : Translite autographed by designer Steve Ritchie Bright Playfield with no faded colors and no wear...
  4. kool1

    Rush Pinball -The next Stern

    Things are looking promising for a Stern Rush Pinball coming next. Pinball Paparazzi posted a few days ago. https://www.facebook.com/pinballpaparazzi/
  5. kool1

    SOLD iiRcade Dragon's Lair Cabinet - wifi with game store

    Selling a 9 month old iiRcade cabinet. https://www.iircade.com/collections/arcade-machine/products/iircade-dragons-lair-edition?variant=32107378770009 Very well made in Korea, cabinets are built like a tank with 100W speakers and Sanwa sticks. Game store is growing weekly you can see what is...
  6. kool1

    WTB Lethal Weapon 3 flashing light beacon

    The blue beacon on mine is cracked and old. Looking for a new or used (in good shape) plastic beacon. THX