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  1. luch

    What is it called???

    or thinner washer
  2. luch

    What is it called???

    try taking out the bottom piece and try dremeling out some of the wood so the nut thing underneath sits further into the playfield
  3. luch

    What is it called???

  4. luch

    What is it called???

  5. luch

    SOLD 1987 Bally/Midway Heavy Metal Meltdown

    please post a picture of the Hostess chips !
  6. luch

    Best way to receive $$ in Canada from USA

    direct deposit to a temperary US funds bank account in canada
  7. luch

    1 AMP 20mm Fast Blow Fuses- Where can I get them?

    i have some 5 amp ones. will they work?
  8. luch

    FOUND Transformers Pro

    hey that's my line ! patented pending !
  9. luch

    Lights Out

    check the bulbs . fuses should be taken out of the holder and tested with a continuity meter
  10. luch

    What's it Worth: Getaway HS2

  11. luch

    Data East Switch Matrix Problems

    @ToMMy first name brent
  12. luch

    Pinball Dolly

    i use one of these , works well https://www.amusementsplus.com/index.php?pr=Category&sub=230&id=1174
  13. luch

    Tilt TO fire

    plus the 6 -8 month of insurance ,fire investigation wait time just to get in there to get them out , water logged for sure , with mold setting in soon
  14. luch

    Are these legs fine?

    they would work as is , but when you go sell the game down the road the buyer may not be happy , so would replace them , a set was posted last week , ask around someone might have an extra one