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  1. a.stebel

    WTB Monopoly translite

    Just shattered my Monopoly backglass, destroyed the translite. I have other translites to trade if interested.
  2. a.stebel

    FS Dmd displays

    I have a bunch of pulled dmds. $75 each. Can test them in a machine before purchase. Located in Barrie.
  3. a.stebel

    WTB Various parts

    Hi everyone, looking for more parts. 2 bones flippers Pirates of Carribean compass decal Strike N Spares manual AC/DC pro / vault playfield
  4. a.stebel

    WTB Promo plastics trading

    Here are the promos I have for trade.
  5. a.stebel

    FS Various Promo Plastics

    Are you looking for any in trade? Or just selling?
  6. a.stebel

    WTB Promo plastics trading

    Anyone want to trade some promo plastics or have some for sale? I have a bunch and looking for more. Looking for Monopoly and Ac/Dc for starters.
  7. a.stebel

    FS Stern Playfields NOS

    No wonder they still have stock, their search engine is absolute garabage. Found the playfields.
  8. a.stebel

    FS Stern Playfields NOS

    Someone just bought all 3 of those in stock. I can’t find them on Planetary.
  9. a.stebel

    WTB Strikes N Spares manual

    Looking for a Gottlieb Strikes N Spares manual. Have other manuals to trade or cash. If you have a playfield, I’d be interested in that as well.
  10. a.stebel

    WTB $5000 For a NICE System 11

    Are you interested in a Fire machine?
  11. a.stebel

    WTB Blue Stern led dmd

    Try an extra $400
  12. a.stebel

    WTB Blue Stern led dmd

    I put one of Dino’s in my X-men on blue. It looks fantastic.
  13. a.stebel

    WTB Ac/Dc pro playfield

    Looking for an ac/dc pro playfield.
  14. a.stebel

    Houdini opinions?

    Before Pinside crashed and burned, saw a Houdini sell for $5300. Looks like that is my next game possibility. Only have room for 1 more.
  15. a.stebel

    Cab flipper button protectors

    Those are really nice. I don’t recall that style ever being sold. I do recall the thin metal ones with some cutouts on them. Precursor to the fancy lollipop rails you see now.
  16. a.stebel

    What does a WH20 go for these days?

    Mine plus $1000 went for a HUO Walking Dead Pro. Mine was a above average shape, but could use a shop job. Always had one in my collection, just because it is the sister machine to my all time fav Fish Tales. It was the least played machine I owned.
  17. a.stebel

    ANSWER Anyone else not being able to get on Pinside ?

    I think the temp server is getting flooded and can’t handle the traffic.
  18. a.stebel

    ANSWER Anyone else not being able to get on Pinside ?

    It was up for a bit. Then crashed. Temp server is not adequate.
  19. a.stebel

    WTB Decals for a few games.

    I have zero photoshop skills to make my own graphics to print for a back board decal. If I had a file, Staples can print out a decal. Drop target decals, I am hoping to get the real deal as the after market stuff is printed on plain vinyl. Real decals are printed on a matte like textured...