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  1. KelleyG

    WTB Metallica Pinball Plastic set

    In search of a full MET plastic pinball set from Stern
  2. KelleyG

    ANSWER The Mod couple

    I’ve bought many things from them. I’ve always just used there website or called them directly. I believe they are out of New Mexico
  3. KelleyG

    SOLD Deadpool Premium

    Thank you for the offer. But I have this game in my collection.
  4. KelleyG

    SOLD Deadpool Premium

    Looks amazing. No reason not for someone to scoop this up quick
  5. KelleyG

    SOLD Deadpool Premium

    Great looking game. One of the best I’ve ever played. GLWS Where did you pick up the speaker covers from?
  6. KelleyG


    Do you have a freight company. How much for delivery to the GTA
  7. KelleyG

    WTB Golden Tee

    Looking to buy a Golden Tee Fore Edition stand up arcade in good working order. Please reach out, serious buyer.
  8. KelleyG

    Found: Pacman and Galaga cocktail table

    In search of a PAC man and/or Galaga original or commercial grade cocktail table. Willing to pay extra for cigarette/cigar holder Please let me know what you have Thank you in advance
  9. KelleyG

    FOUND Looking to buy my first pin, have a few that I'm interested in

    I have a WCS 94 and NBA Fastbreak that I’ve been thinking of parting with. PM’d
  10. KelleyG

    WTB Golden Tee

    I’m selling a full size
  11. KelleyG

    SOLD Deadpool Premium

    IMO. Sell them for what you want to sell them for, just like everyone else
  12. KelleyG

    SOLD Deadpool Premium

    As long as they are HUO of course
  13. KelleyG

    SOLD Deadpool Premium

    Both Deadpool premium and Elvira HOH premium are roughly 12k games right now. Both very sought after titles and difficult to find games right now.
  14. KelleyG

    WTB Metallica Pinball !!

    One was just listed on Kijiji out of Windsor, ON
  15. KelleyG

    FOUND Met pro

    One was judged listed on Kijiji out of Windsor
  16. KelleyG

    FOUND Deadpool Premium or LE

    I appreciate all the help from everyone that helped guide me here on Pin Rev. Picked up the last one from Recroom. Was on a waiting list for a week. Glad that all ahead of me passed on this. Steadily Ballin’, Cheers!
  17. KelleyG

    FOUND Deadpool Premium or LE

    Thanks Wildcats
  18. KelleyG

    FOUND Deadpool Premium or LE

    Good looking out. I just emailed them now. Crossing fingers