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  1. Z

    Pinball Dolly

    As my collection grows, my back seems to be paying the price... I have been using furniture movers, but I find them cumbersome and annoying. I would like to buy a dolly that I can just slide under the machine from the front, to lift and move it out of the lineup when fixing something etc. I...
  2. Z

    Pinball Shooter Lane Protector

    I'm looking for something to protect the shooter lane from getting indented by the ball, specifically where the ball is ejected to and rests before being launched. Anyone using one of these? https://cointaker.com/products/pinball-shooter-lane-protector If so, are they any good? Is there an...
  3. Z

    Help! How do I save my Walking Dead custom audio sound set?

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me... I bought a Walking Dead Premium a few months ago that already had a custom sound set installed. I believe it may be the Cleland sound set. I just got another sound set that I want to try out, but I have no idea as to whether I can save the current sound...
  4. Z

    ALIEN PINBALL LV: Limited Version

    Just pre-ordered one. Anyone else getting it? The cabinet is INSANELY beautiful (imo).
  5. Z

    WTB The Munsters & The Walking Dead Stern Topper

    Looking for a both toppers if anyone has one they want to sell. Thanks! :)
  6. Z

    WTB Star Wars Art Blades

    I just ordered a Star Wars Premium and it seems like you can only buy a 3 pack of art blades. I was wondering if anyone bought the pack and has extra art blades that they want to sell. Let me know if you do! :)
  7. Z

    Iron Maiden Pro vs Premium

    I have found both available NIB, but there is a $2500 US difference between the Pro and Premium. I have not played either. Is it worth the difference? Anyone played both and could offer their opinion?
  8. Z

    Trade me your pinball machines for a motorcycle or mountain bike?

    I have 2 motorcycles and a mountain bike that I am selling. Nothing wrong with them, just want to reduce the size of my motorcycle and bike collection. (I have many). I can pick up your pinball and deliver any of the bikes as I have a large van with custom motorcycle racking for transport...