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  1. Pharoah007

    Price check. MK JAMMA PCBs

    What is the going price for MK PCBs these days. All are real midway PCBs, no bootlegs. Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat 3, Ultimate may also have original ROMS) Mortal Kombat 4 Thanks in advance all.
  2. Pharoah007

    Where to tap into 12v DC on a TAF?

    Want to add a small section of led strip lights (12v) to my TAF. "Always on" 12v works, however, if there is a "switched" 12v source that will allow the lights to come on and off with the lightshows...that would be way cooler. Any ideas?
  3. Pharoah007

    Please delete

  4. Pharoah007

    WTB TZ

    Yup, I'm a sick man. TZ wanted
  5. Pharoah007

    More adds?

    Is it just me or are there a lot more banner ads on the site as of late?
  6. Pharoah007

    Flipper bounces when returning to rest position.

    Newer Stern (MET) Had a sticky flipper so I replaced and cleaned everything, turns out it was the through the playfield flipper bushing that needed to be replaced... Flipper no longer sticks. However. Upon returning to the rest position The flipper has a very slight jitter or bounce. Replacing...
  7. Pharoah007

    Strong smell of ozone in pinball arcade room

    In the last week or so I have noticed a strong ozone or chlorine type smell in my pinball and arcade game room. the games are all technically unplugged via smart switches and I have since unplug the smart switches from the wall as well yet the smell remains. Any thoughts or ideas here? I am at...
  8. Pharoah007

    Cooke, you here?

    paging Cooke. Still hang out here?
  9. Pharoah007

    Anyone in London do tech work?

    I have a buddy in London that needs some help.
  10. Pharoah007

    What is the best cleaner for an EM play field

    EM from the early 70s. It is filthy. What is the best cleaning product to use?
  11. Pharoah007

    FS Fire sale this weekend only the shadow 5K

    I have the opportunity to get another game I've been looking for so this weekend and this weekend only I will take 5K from my shadow. Offer expires at midnight on Sunday. For sale Post with pictures in this subform
  12. Pharoah007

    FS Dedicated mortal Kombat II cabinet with extra

    I have a dedicated mortal Kombat II cabinet I'm looking to sell. This cabinet has original mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3 ultimate and 4 boards installed in it. So this cabinet has every mortal Kombat ever released in arcade with original jamma boards. Price = 3500
  13. Pharoah007

    LOTR volume

    I have my LOTR on vol 1. I notice that the volume is fine until one starts a muliball...then the vol goes way up. I think the volume goes up even more if a mode was stacked as the vol goes up a bit on a mode start as well. I have had 3 versions of ROMs in the game over the years and the problem...
  14. Pharoah007

    SOLD The Shadow

    Game is number 35 on the pinside top 100 Cab is in routed condition. Play field has been stripped bare (upper) and cleaned. EVERY plastic has been replaced with new and I have the old plastics and will include. All Rubbers replaced. Play field inserts and backbox are all LEDs Has all...
  15. Pharoah007

    MAME tech support.

    I had MAME up and working for a few days. Now MAME will launch, but when I start a game...it crashed right away :( Any ideas?
  16. Pharoah007

    how does one "progress to the next level"

    via Imgflip Meme Maker
  17. Pharoah007

    Secret Skil shot in LOTR??

    I was going thru the menus in my lotr and I saw the following. Tower skill shot made... Flipper skill shot made.... Lane skill shot made..... AND.... Is there a Secret lane skill shot in LOTR?
  18. Pharoah007

    LOTR magnet issues...

    I have a question about the Magnet in my LOTR. My magnet was blowing fuzes. I swapped in a new PCB with all good transistors and all was well until the magnet fired...then it blew the fuse again. Swapped in a new fuse and it blew right away upon boot up. I am using a 5A fuse as per the Stern...
  19. Pharoah007

    Location of a unused 12v in DE and stern?

    Stern (LOTR Witestar) Data East (LAH and TFTC) Thank you