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    FS No Good Gofers

    Sorry, I thought I would try my hand at a trade first. Machines seem hard to find as of late. I have you PM from pinside ill message there
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    FS No Good Gofers

    I wish I never sold that Baywatch Ryan...
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    FS No Good Gofers

    Hi everyone, I have a NGG I'm looking to sell. Pins in good players condition, decals are nice and not faded, everything plays as it should, boards are in excellent condition (no "fixes"). I would say its been routed at some point, there is some wear on the inserts near the slings. Has a few...
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    What does a WH20 go for these days?

    They also said LW3 was great.... OK, OK, OK
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    WTB Flipper bats

    Does anyone is Windsor / Chatham Kent have two flipper bats for a Williams for sale? any colour will work. And I’m looking to get them ASAP
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    WTB Star Wars Data East

    Looking for the classic DE. Any condition Thanks, Matt
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    WTB TSPP Backglass key

    I might have your keys! What is the number on your lock?
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    WTB White Water

    Does anyone have a White water they are looking to sell? Thanks, M
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    FOUND Merlins Magic Wire form / gate

    Long shot here: Does anyone have an extra Merlins magic gate or wire form? Part number is: PPS-12-7381-2 Game is: Medieval Madness Thanks M Ended up making one
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    FOUND Looking for Medieval Madness, Wonka or Dialed In

    Found an awesome mm from a great seller!
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    FOUND Looking for Medieval Madness, Wonka or Dialed In

    Yup, hunting for the grails... ya know?
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    FS PIN2DMD replacement colour LED DMD panels - 128x32 - smaller DE 128x16 panels and larger 192x64 also available

    I wanted to give a quick shout-out to Dino. I recently purchased a MET Pro and the ColorDMD wasn't working correctly. He was able to help me with all the files, cables and knowledge to get me up and running in no time. Thanks Dino!
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    FOUND Virtual Pinball machine

    Good Day All, I'm looking to tinker with a virtual pin this winter. Anyone have one they would like to move? Thanks
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    SOLD WWF ROYAL RUMBLE 3000. Free Delivery to GTA

    I can vouch for Ryan, he shipped me Baywatch. Well packaged and a pleasure to deal with.
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    FOUND Data East MPU Board

    Thanks for the help!
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    FOUND Data East MPU Board

    Does anyone have a MPU board for sale? Mine has some demons that I cannot solve. Using it in a DEJP Thanks,
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    WTB Classic Mustangs for sale? Any other vintage car?

    Hey, fellow Windsor guy here. My dads really connected in the classic car scene around Windsor, are you specifically looking for a v8 muscle car? manual or automatic? I can ask him if he knows of anything. On a side note, what restaurant did you buy?
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    SOLD Dialed In, MM, Wonka or Road Show - Found

    Looking to expand my collection, narrowed it down to these 4 machines. Interested in the standard versions of each, no LE for me. Thanks!
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    FS PIN2DMD replacement colour LED DMD panels - 128x32 - smaller DE 128x16 panels and larger 192x64 also available

    Dino hooked me up with a board and harness, it was plug and play. Took me about two hours to get it all up and running. Here’s a little video of Pin2dmd running on my lethal weapon 3.