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  1. Perry L

    SOLD Stern Star Trek Pro - sppu

    I bought this game new and missed it so bad I now have a another ST pro with all the same mods. Great game that plays very fast. GLWS
  2. Perry L

    SOLD BKSOR Pro for Sale - Ottawa

    Great call outs and a very fast game Just a blast to play. Looks awesome! GLWS
  3. Perry L

    SOLD AIQ Prem

    I picked up 5 new games this winter to spring so the pinball funds are a little low or I’d grab it from you. It looks like a amazing game to flip. Definitely a game on my radar.
  4. Perry L

    SOLD AIQ Prem

    Great looking game Kevin. GLWS!
  5. Perry L

    FOUND Iron Maiden

    No longer looking. Thanks I purchased another title.
  6. Perry L

    Website Upgrade Tonight

    Thanks to all involved in this site. We are very lucky to have this.
  7. Perry L

    FOUND Iron Maiden

    I can already hear the laughter but here goes. How about a Iron Maiden LE?
  8. Perry L

    FOUND Iron Maiden

    Thanks for the tip. P1 in Toronto said they have no ETA. I never thought of Montreal
  9. Perry L

    FOUND Iron Maiden

    Hi all I’m looking for a mint low plays IM Premium or Pro Let me know if you would also consider delivering to Orangeville area. PM me if you are interested in making a deal. Thanks Perry
  10. Perry L

    SOLD JP Pro

    PM sent
  11. Perry L


    Congrats on your sale.
  12. Perry L

    SOLD Williams Bram Stoker's Dracula (BSD)

    Great video mode on BSD. Killing wolves never gets old. Fun pin. GLWS
  13. Perry L

    SOLD Twilight Zone Collectors Quality

    That’s a sweet Vette. I sold my 2 muscle cars to purchase pinball games when the kids were young and now the kids are into cars so I’ve been looking at cars again. For the right car I will let some of my pins go.
  14. Perry L

    SOLD Twilight Zone Collectors Quality

    Thanks that’s the second one I’ve missed. Missed a 65 convertible by a day. They sell faster than pinball games these days.
  15. Perry L

    SOLD Twilight Zone Collectors Quality

    Thanks for all the kind words guys. I was selling my TZ to purchase a 69 427 Vette that just sold today so now I’m spinning a bit and not sure what to do. I’m going to take it off the market for now until I decide or find another car.
  16. Perry L

    SOLD Pinball Refinery Metallica

    Great looking game! GLWS Kevin.
  17. Perry L

    SOLD Twilight Zone Collectors Quality

    Hi everyone I’m listening my mint TZ for sale. I was told it’s been in a HUO collection since 1996. I can’t document this but condition shows it. Everything works 100% with no errors. I’ve added NVRam so no more batteries. It comes with the topper, mirror blades, colour door changer mod, extra...
  18. Perry L

    FS Tons of em parts

    Abra Ca Dabra is not on your list but worth a try... a match unit for Abra with wire harness
  19. Perry L

    back to future

    Bring on Jaws.
  20. Perry L

    SOLD Funhouse

    Great looking game...congrats. Rudy is so cool! On my wish list.