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    Indiana Jones advice

    I bought it! ..and I am pretty darn happy too...insert wear and an issue with the balls continuing to shoot out of the launch over and over and over..wont stop...ever..lol...and the flippers wont flip...but should all be an easy fix for someone...Google here I come.
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    Top 10 Stern Pinball Machines

    I think you all forgot Ghost Busters...:) top 5 for sure...
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    FS PIN2DMD replacement colour LED DMD panels - 128x32 - smaller DE 128x16 panels and larger 192x64 also available

    I would like to get one of these for my IJ (Williams)..I will Pm you Dino
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    Indiana Jones advice

    true true...i can feel my way around a machine, was just curious of what this machine may bring in this kind of condition...$6-7 k was where I thought..the title does seem to command a premium so I think I will be all right as long as it boots and flips...the inserts are my main concern...not...
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    Indiana Jones advice

    Thanks for your reply..I can get it for just under $7k..so maybe its ok to take a chance on it...will need to be stripped and shopped but maybe not too bad..Thank you.
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    Indiana Jones advice

    Hello, I am new on this site however not to some of you. I have an opportunity to buy an Indiana Jones (Williams) pinball that has been folded for 10 years and has heavy insert wear and cabinet fade. What would be a fair price? There are no keys and was said to be working when folded....Any...