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  1. J

    FS PIN2DMD replacement colour LED DMD panels - 128x32 - smaller DE 128x16 panels and larger 192x64 also available

    Is there any place that notes all of the pinballs that currently have colourized files for the Pin2DMD? Thanks John
  2. J

    Need help

  3. J

    SOLD Starship Troopers

    Be a Trooper! free bump
  4. J

    SOLD Maverick Pinball

    Pinball is SOLD. Thanks for the interest. John
  5. J

    SOLD Maverick Pinball

    See original post at MAACA. >https://www.maaca.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=23271 Price $2,900.00 Thanks John
  6. J


    I am considering selling a kidney for this game........almost. Damn addiction.
  7. J

    FS "Not Mine" Pinball Machines For Sale

    Nothing personal :) I think I would buy a Gilligans Island for the right price..... Thats just not it :)
  8. J

    FS "Not Mine" Pinball Machines For Sale

    I don't think Bob Denver would buy a Gilligans Island for $4,500.00 Or Thurston Howell III for that matter.
  9. J

    Data east repair in georgetown

    Did you just score this machine? I have been watching for one of these for a while. John
  10. J

    FS "Not Mine" Pinball Machines For Sale

    It was listed at $ 1,200.00 before it was a "best offer" so that should give you an idea what the seller is looking at.
  11. J

    Adam Becker is the #ultimatesternpinballfan

    Same here....went in to vote. Hit vote and it gave me the check mark, but count was still 15474! Voted twice and it did the same....count still at 15474. Nick Angel votes really ran up since the other day.
  12. J

    Adam Becker is the #ultimatesternpinballfan

    14615 14616 14617 14633
  13. J

    WTB Simpsons Pinball Party

    Go Billy!!!! LOL
  14. J

    The OFFICIAL "Hey, I got a new machine" thread

    This wasn't the one listed in Mississauga just a few nights ago for $ 6,800 then? Could be a different ad perhaps, maybe I missed the ad that lead to your purchase. In any event, no matter. Congrats on the purchase. I hope to find one of my own one day but I am more doubtful than ever that it...
  15. J

    The OFFICIAL "Hey, I got a new machine" thread

    Don't know....told the guy right after he posted it I would give him what he asked as I was very interested. Next thing its sold. Tells me two people are fighting in his den over it. I said thanks and left it at that. If I was him though, I would have started the bidding there while the action...
  16. J

    The OFFICIAL "Hey, I got a new machine" thread

    I heard there was a fight ready to break out in the guys den when two people showed up to claim this prize... via Imgflip Meme Generator
  17. J

    Ghostbusters Pro On Location Kitchener/Waterloo Go Play!

    I had a chance to put some money in this today. Noticed that the game wasn't awarding extra ball when the outhole was shot and it was lit. Not sure if that was a setting turned off, or if something wasn't working to award the extra ball....but still managed to put up a new high score after my...
  18. J

    FS "Not Mine" Pinball Machines For Sale

    Must be $2900.00 day! Both are SERIOUS CLASSIC too! http://www.kijiji.ca/v-old-video-games/hamilton/space-shuttle-pinball-machine-1984/1209278574?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true...