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  1. DRANO


    Both machines are sold and pending pick-up. Thanks for those that inquired.
  2. DRANO


    Clearing those waves of aliens is pretty cool.
  3. DRANO


    Hey Everyone! I can't remember the last time I posted here. The truth is, I just haven't been very much into pinball these last 12-18 months and my basement and garage full of machines is starting to wear on me. I already started trimming a bit pre-pandemic and, with all the stay at home orders...
  4. DRANO

    FS Various Parts - WH20, Fathom, TAF, Space Shuttle etc

    WH2O and FATHOM parts still available. Space Shuttle pop-bumper caps too.
  5. DRANO

    FS Various Parts - WH20, Fathom, TAF, Space Shuttle etc

    Sorry guys. I don't check in here every day. All PM's answered. Thanks for looking.
  6. DRANO

    FS Various Parts - WH20, Fathom, TAF, Space Shuttle etc

    I hope everyone is doing well. I haven't been on the forums much this summer. Just like many people, I've had some extra time on my hands and spent some of it going through all my projects and parts. I found a lot of stuff I don't need anymore. Rather than list it piece by piece, here are some...
  7. DRANO

    WTB Beaver Gumball Hopper/Wheel

    Wondering if anyone has a set of these dispensing wheels/hoppers for a classic Beaver Vending gumball machine? Looking for the pinwheel style shown here. Let me know what you have? Thanks
  8. DRANO

    Looking for an arcade tech

    Just wondering if there is a local source for arcade repair (PCB, monitors etc.)? I have an Atari Super Sprint that's been having multiple issues and vids are just not my thing. I'd love to find someone who can give it a good shakedown and get it running 100% Happy to pay for repair services...
  9. DRANO

    SOLD Centigrade 37

    One of my favorite pinball art packages (playfield and backglass anyway)!
  10. DRANO

    SOLD TZ *Price drop incl. delivery to TO*

    7 Quicksilver !?!?!?!? Where are they all hiding? I thought they were rarer than hen's teeth.
  11. DRANO

    SOLD TZ *Price drop incl. delivery to TO*

    That's a beauty! Especially if that is original (near) HUO condition. From those photos I would've assumed the cabinet had been restored until you stated it had been in a collectors hands since 1996.
  12. DRANO

    Lost keys... Any suggestions

    One time I had a lock that was such a pain to drill. Broke a couple of bits. I was so fed up that I went and grabbed my big corded BOSCH hammer drill (the kind that needs two hands to operate and looks like a small jackhammer). Needless to say it made short work of that lock. It was overkill...
  13. DRANO

    Anyone here into comics?

    I definitely sold off my collection of silver and bronze age comics many many moons ago.
  14. DRANO

    Advice for newb... Getting into the world of pinball

    If you're willing to learn and don't mind reading through lots of troubleshooting posts, I think owning a couple of slightly older games is a great option. I didn't know a thing about repairing pinball machines when I got my first one. Today I can take them apart and put them back together. If...
  15. DRANO

    SOLD Collector Quality 1980 STERN SEAWITCH

    Game is sold pending pick-up
  16. DRANO

    SOLD Collector Quality 1980 STERN SEAWITCH

    Hi Everyone, I haven't been very active in a while. Lots of projects on the go but not a lot of time to document them. Watch for some cool upcoming restorations on a Bally Fathom and a Stern Dragonfist! I'm also finally getting around to working on my Cactus Canyon. Hopefully I can try and share...
  17. DRANO

    Dr@No's fun filled (and often long-winded) restorations

    That game was sold and was at Bluffs Pinball for a while. Not sure if it is still there, but it was seeing regular play and seemed okay. At first it feels just like a cearcoated playfield (which means ball was sliding a bit), but nothing crazy. I quite liked it as an alternative option for a...
  18. DRANO

    The THANKS-giving thread

    I'm going through a similar issue with my only dedicated vid, an Atari Super Sprint. One day the thing just stopped working properly and I'm not very skilled at vid repair. I've been chasing my tail for months and my basement gameroom is a disaster of parts and half-finihsed repairs. I really...