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  1. igorsr

    FS Bally Flash Gordon

    Forgot to mention this was sold a month ago. Sorry
  2. igorsr

    FS Bally Flash Gordon

    Price lowered
  3. igorsr

    FS Bally Flash Gordon

    Price lowered.
  4. igorsr

    FS Bally Flash Gordon

    Price lowered
  5. igorsr

    FS Bally Flash Gordon

    Price lowered
  6. igorsr

    FS Bally Flash Gordon

    Price lowered
  7. igorsr

    FS Bally Flash Gordon

    Price lowered
  8. igorsr

    Skee Balls?

    If you want to contact me, you can contact me at shnidei AT cogeco DOT ca if still interested.
  9. igorsr

    Skee Balls?

    If you are still interested I can get you one. Yours for $1K in great cosmetic shape but needs some work to play. http://sh.triton.net/skee.JPG
  10. igorsr

    FS Bally Flash Gordon

    Fathers Day weekend bump.
  11. igorsr

    FS Bally Flash Gordon

    I forgot to mention that I will take less from a member of this forum.
  12. igorsr

    FS Bally Flash Gordon

    I have my Flash Gordon up for sale on Kijiji. I am asking $2000 on Kijiji. It has new rubbers and the battery has been replaced with a memory cap. Works fine. Backglass is great and the playfield is good and so is the mylar (some bubbling near pop bumpers). One of the plastics at the top...
  13. igorsr

    WTB Drop Target Reset Plate for 3 bank Williams

    Hi My sons favourite machine, Black Knight won't reset the targets on one bank. Checked all the wires and then realized the plate that attaches to the solenoid was broke completely off. I know it is $3 part but shipping from the US and minimum order is a killer. Anyone have one of these...
  14. igorsr

    Eddy Sensor help

    The eddy sensors on my TOM at the Hokus Pokus don't seem to work while in the playfield. The Eddy boards themselves work. If I pull the actual sensor out of the playfield and run a ball over the sensor the led on the board registers it but if the sensors are in the playfield and I run a ball...
  15. igorsr

    WTB Centaur

    Looking for a Centaur. Cash or have a few machines I could trade.
  16. igorsr

    FT Restored CentaurII for ???

    Sorry for the highjack but I am also looking for a Centaur and am willing to trade a Blackout and Flash Gordon plus/minus cash depending on shape of the Centaur.
  17. igorsr

    SOLD Mr and Mrs Pacman

    Hi I have a project Mr and Mrs Pacman. All boards are included. Missing the coin door and 2 legs. Yeah, sorry. I have been told it lights up but does not work. Playfield is mylared and looks very good. Backglass has had some coating over where it was flaking so from the front it looks good. I...
  18. igorsr

    SOLD Bally Wizard EM (Needs Work)

    Re: FS: Bally Wizard EM (Needs Work) Hi If the machine sells and the buyer does not want the pf I would be interested in it. Steve
  19. igorsr

    FT FT - Centigrade 37 for El Dorado

    Too bad I sold my EBD a while back as I would love a C37. If you want to sell let me know.