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  1. Murphelman

    SOLD Spider-Man

    Congrats on the sale Walt.
  2. Murphelman

    SOLD Stranger Things Pro

    Game is headed out west to it's new owner.
  3. Murphelman

    SOLD Stellar Wars

    Up for sale is a Wide body Williams Stellar Wars. This game was designed by the king himself Steve Ritchie. Was one of the first games he designed. Has lots going on with two spinners, scoop, Captive ball, 10 drop targets. This one in particular is good shape. Both the cabinet and playfield...
  4. Murphelman

    SOLD Stern Star Trek Pro - sppu

    Just leave the creature here with us. It's too heavy to take all the way out east with you lol
  5. Murphelman

    SOLD Spider-Man

    OG Doritos for me only!
  6. Murphelman

    SOLD Stranger Things Premium - HUO

    I helped Ottawaflipper move this game to his basement a few months ago. Good seller and keeps his games in nice shape. New owner won't be dissapointed. Buy with confidence.
  7. Murphelman

    SOLD Stranger Things Pro

    Video of the game for sale in action can be seen here on our twitch channel. https://www.twitch.tv/pinballers/v/1019340694?sr=a&t=0s
  8. Murphelman

    SOLD Stranger Things Pro

    Putting my Stranger Things Pro up for sale or possible trade. Purchased this game in February 2021. HUO game in great condition. Located in Ottawa. $8700 or trade for Modern Sterns or older DMD games with cash added where appropriate. Great game but it drew the shortest straw in our quest...
  9. Murphelman

    FS Misc parts

    Cleaning out my gameroom and came across some stuff for games that are no longer here. Add shipping if not being picked up locally. -IJ:TPA manual $30 -Big Gun Manual $30 -NOS NBA sling and promo plastics and decals $30 -NOS STERN Pirates sling and promo plastics $30 -3rd scoop Last Action...
  10. Murphelman


    Player1 just got some Elviras and they were all spoken for. Still a waiting list to get one. Will be a while if you order one now.
  11. Murphelman

    SOLD TWD The Walking Dead Pro

    I can't figure this market out right now. I don't know what is a good price or not anymore. I am completely lost. That's why I try to trade games first.
  12. Murphelman

    SOLD Bksr pro

    Wait, so you have two for sale?
  13. Murphelman

    SOLD Dr Who (Ottawa)

    I once fit a Gottlieb Dragon in a Ford Feista.
  14. Murphelman


    Sorry you had to go through that while people are still getting these ahead of you. Hope they fulfill your order if not soon, at least at some point.
  15. Murphelman

    WTB T2 or data East Jurassic Park

    I have a project DE Jurassic park if you are interested. PM me if so.
  16. Murphelman

    FS/FT Bally Wizard! (PPU)

    Deposit received Pending Pick up.
  17. Murphelman

    FS/FT Bally Wizard! (PPU)

    Up for sale or trade is a nice Bally Wizard! 2250 or trade -/+ cash. Some details a out the game: -The game plays fine with no issues. -Backglass is in amazing condition -Cabinet is in good condition for its age -New Rubbers -LED in GI and Backglass -No broken plastics. -Could use a shop to...
  18. Murphelman


    Best Stern topper by far is the Black Knight one. The only one I would consider buying. Love the game!! GLWTS