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  1. staydown

    SOLD Iron Maiden, Ghostbusters & Star Trek

    Hey Dylan how many games on the ghostbusters machine? You the original owner?
  2. staydown

    Storage vs. Sell

    I’m kind of worried about selling and in a few years not being able to afford getting back into pin ownership. *if* I knew prices leveled off I would sell and rebuy in a few years but whenever I think machines can’t get more expensive somehow retailers say “hold my beer and watch this...”
  3. staydown

    Storage vs. Sell

    They would be stored on their legs in a closed room in basement which is temeperature controlled along with the rest of the house. Would fold down the back boxes I would imagine.
  4. staydown

    Storage vs. Sell

    wondering if it’s better to store a machine or just sell it if the machines won’t be used for a few years and just stored in a zero cost temperature controlled environment? Does “parking” a machine for a few years damage it in any way?
  5. staydown

    SOLD Haunted House Re-listed- Sold and gone...

    Link for the lazy https://www.kijiji.ca/v-toys-games/kingston-on/gottlieb-haunted-house-pinball-machine-fs-ft/1403006975?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Glws, always enjoyed this game
  6. staydown

    Anyone able to come service machines in Smithville?

    Thanks, my searches were coming up so vague but I think it might be because I used the word transformer in the search. I assume the switches are an easy fix, thanks again
  7. staydown

    Anyone able to come service machines in Smithville?

    It’s running the “locating ball” sometimes, or it will die out in the middle of a game thinking all balls have drained. Wiggled a few wires this weekend and worked for a little bit. Might be a solder, further investigation required me thinks.
  8. staydown

    Anyone able to come service machines in Smithville?

    looking for someone to come and fix a “looking for missing ball” issue on a transformers pro and realign a drop target on a Star Trek pro.
  9. staydown

    Anyone in or around Niagara/hamilton able to help fix a few issues

    transformers pro - game occasionally does the searching for ball / flippers stop as game believes all balls accounted for Star Trek pro - drop target traps ball and when it drops it kicks it backwards and captures it again... I'm far from handy but would like to learn how to fix these issues...
  10. staydown

    Basement Reno

    Looks great, love the shoe nook on the stairwell.
  11. staydown


    It's tough to properly level on carpet, the boards also disperse weight to not damage the carpet v the small circular levellers on the legs. This pin is in better than new condition imho, buy with confidence.
  12. staydown

    Skee Balls?

    And he won't sell it :( I've been casually looking into them in the US, it appears they go from just over $1k (well used) to upwards of $3k.
  13. staydown

    Star Wars pro

    I'm enjoying ours, seems all the guests love the throw back to the original 3 movies. It's interactive and give enough challenges to complete to keep you interested and progressing along.
  14. staydown

    WTB Ghostbusters or walking dead

    Looking for either of the above titles within a 3 hour drive from hamilton. Thanks for looking
  15. staydown


    can vouch for this game as I have had the opportunity to view this collection, everything done nicely and machine itself is very clean. GLWS
  16. staydown

    Question for those who have picked up a pin stateside

    1658 km road trip and the machine is home safe and sound. 13% taxes at the border and lots of questions about pinball and requests to come play it by border people but overall very happy with the entire experience (it's good when you have a honest seller).
  17. staydown

    Question for those who have picked up a pin stateside

    I'll generate a bill of sale prior to going over for the seller to sign, he is selling in Canadian funds so I am not using the governments rate percentage conversion. Will also have my phone for the government to see all the communications if required. Just wanted to make sure it was just the...
  18. staydown

    Question for those who have picked up a pin stateside

    as I am reading the government website, there is no duty just taxes on pinball machines manufactured in the USA... am I correct?