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  1. mwong168

    Halloween pinball

    P1 selling Spooky games too? If so and same price better buy from them and I can help you save a couple hundred too ;)
  2. mwong168

    Halloween pinball

  3. mwong168

    Halloween pinball

  4. mwong168

    SOLD WMS Congo

    Good eye as I just checked my Congo just now and leaves look pretty healthy green. ** NOTE THIS PIC IS OF MY CAB AND NOT THE ONE FOR SALE BY MONKEYBUG ** If monkeybug's cab with a bit of fade or blue leaves bothers you I will gladly sell anyone mines for $7500 but I only have one set of...
  5. mwong168

    Custom pinball cards

    Aurium makes great cards which can be found here www.pinballcards.com I think he has made cards for all those games listed except for TOTAN.
  6. mwong168

    FS FREE Old School TV

    You forgot to add "... must be able to move from basement without damaging my walls while I watch and eat popcorn" :)
  7. mwong168

    WTB royal rumble

  8. mwong168

    Side blades

    If you are interested a friend and I are going to be placing an order in at Tilt for some blade decals. If you wanna come in and split shipping 3 ways let me know soon.
  9. mwong168

    Reference check???

    The screw was literally above the orange arrow in the middle of the scoop hole. The only reason it was there was so the ball wouldn't go in during game play because the wire broke off the coil ball search wouldn't be able to kick it out.
  10. mwong168

    Reference check???

    Thankfully I've never been burned personally but I have had few personal friends over the years get burned as well as random people on the forums over the years like serge who might be new to the hobby that don't know any better get taken advantage of. But I agree shady sellers can come from...
  11. mwong168

    Reference check???

    The only way I can see this happening is if there is strong references to support both the buyer and seller. I have helped back and vouch a few deals like this in the past where either the pin was shipped and paid after delivery or pin was paid in full before being shipped. Funny the game in...
  12. mwong168

    Reference check???

    My advice is I would ask him how much for the pin picked up by yourself that is being delivered since he probably has it factored into his selling price or charging to say $150-250 to deliver on top of the machine? Personally I would rent a van or truck and make the drive out myself to see and...
  13. mwong168


    That looks pretty easy assuming the width between the handrail and the wall by the top of your stairs is 29-30" wide otherwise you will have to remove the head. Also might have to unhinge the door to make it through too.
  14. mwong168

    SOLD Bally Shadow

    Correction, you have owned Shadow for over a decade but sold off your first example which was "possessed" for 4-5 years and upgraded to this example which was mine few years back. I believe Menace (aka Doug) has exorcised all the demons when the game was at Bluffs but now I think Warlock has it...
  15. mwong168

    SOLD DE Guns N Roses

    Can't believe it's been 8 years since this left my collection. I really wish I had kept it longer but something else popped up that I wanted more and needed the space. The topper I made from just picking up some items from the dollar store and interactive with game play as shown here Good...
  16. mwong168

    FS PIN2DMD replacement colour LED DMD panels - 128x32 - smaller DE 128x16 panels and larger 192x64 also available

    It's great and I updated my roms to the latest version because it came with LA3. If you got a Flintstones pull the trigger and get a display from Dino already :)
  17. mwong168

    SOLD DMD plasma displays

    All sold, thanks for looking.
  18. mwong168

    FS PIN2DMD replacement colour LED DMD panels - 128x32 - smaller DE 128x16 panels and larger 192x64 also available

    There are basic 4 color palettes for most games that will be an improvement over your existing orange display. Otherwise with this display you can pick one mono color like all red, all blue, all green... etc. Either way Dino's pin2dmd at $250cdn is way cheaper than a new plasma dmd which...
  19. mwong168

    SOLD DMD plasma displays

    I have been slowly upgrading all the displays in my pins with Dino's color PIN2DMD displays. At the moment I have 6 for sale pictured here: The left three are Vishay, top right is Babcock and lower right two are Cherries. Prices and description are as follows: Top two Vishays and bottom...
  20. mwong168

    FS PIN2DMD replacement colour LED DMD panels - 128x32 - smaller DE 128x16 panels and larger 192x64 also available

    Got two more pin2dmd displays from Dino :) White Water is really well done and those who have one should put one in theirs too.