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    WTB Devils Dare Backglass

    Looking for a DD backglass. Located Guelph, Ontario.
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    North Bay to Guelph [or anything closer then NB]

    Have two arcade games to be brought down from North Bay and I was hoping they'd both fit in my Montana van but it looks like they will be an inch too wide. Can anyone help?? Compensation would obviously be made....
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    Pinball at Joseph Brant Museum in Burlington

    Friend heard this on the radio. https://museumsofburlington.ca/events/#modal Part of the Machine: Rock & Pinball The first special exhibition in the Showcase Gallery at the Joseph Brant Museum, is the Canadian premiere of Part of the Machine: Rock & Pinball from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...
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    OPGS Sept 21/22/2019

    Can't believe there isn't a thread about it here yet.....lets get as many folks up there as possible to help carry on this show after last years "incident". I'll be be bringing 2 of 4 EM pins, [whatever I have working best on departure date] Blue Note, Hit The Deck, Outer Space and/or Combat...
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    Are You Kidding Me? Auction

    $3800 plus buyers fee and tax for a Bally EM Knight Rider? Wow!!! On phone, so don't know how to post link, but it's from Shakelton Auctions
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    SOLD High Hand

    If you can handle somebodies idea of Pinball cabinet side art, then here's a nice fully working High Hand for $800. Only reason I'm parting with it is I have a Capt Card and not much room. Located in Guelph. Its not on Kijiji yet....sick of the morons on there. Hopefully sombody here wants it...
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    Guelph Area to Ottawa

    I have a potential buyer for my Target Alpha but he's looking for a cost effective way to get it to Ottawa. Anyone heading that way soon with space??
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    FS Target Alpha and Toledo

    I keep whining about having no room so here goes. Both play perfectly, Toledo has some flaking on the BG and TA has some wear spots on the PF. TA comes with an almost complete spare set of plastics. TA is $900 Toledo is $600. Don't ask to go lower....both are folded up from the swap meet and if...
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    Guess Who Game

    http://www.pinballrevolution.com/threads/project-aquarius-gottlieb-wedgehead.7474/page-2#post-57178 So guess who agreed upon a price 0f $400 but only had $380 on him when he showed? Nice,...rip off a nice lady for a measly $20. If anyone wants to see more it's on the Ontario Arcade and...
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    Can Anyone In Winnipeg Help Me Out?

    Need an old EM taken apart and maybe taken to a depot. Still working on details...
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    Heads Up If Coming Back From Pinfest Via Hamilton

    The Skyway will be closed Sat night at 9 until Sunday morning at 10. I was planning on coming back after the show ends Sat but I guess it'l be traffic watch time to maybe plan alternatives.
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    Need Schematics For Gottlieb Buccaneer

    Picked up a Buccaneer that's both filthy and paperless. Any help appreciated.
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    Pinball For Change

    Thanks all......a fun time.
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    Fire Queen 100 Point Problems/ 2 Players

    So I have a Fire Queen that always wants to play 2 players, but I'm not too worried about that right now. The issue that concerns me is the 100 point relay will stay energized every once in a while and lock on during both players. I also get totally random points out of my 500 point rollovers...
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    That Feeling When.....

    ....you start a new game after spending all afternoon cleaning and replacing and then you feel the ball still in your pocket.
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    Pinball Depot Prices On Ebay

    I hope I'm not insulting anyone or stepping on toes, but I just did a search on Ebay for the first time and.........well , ....I couldn' believe how many pins were "from Canada" at outrageous (I thought) prices. All were from "pinballdepot"......am I missing something about how one lists a...
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    Target Alpha Stuck on Last Ball

    So I've been reading and watching all afternoon about old Gottlieb relays but I can't find an answer to this. Game resets and starts just fine but is stuck on ball 5 through all 4 players over and over, game never ends. I tried some advice and switched it to a 3 ball game and it was the same...
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    I Don't Feel So Bad Now.

    I was just watching an online auction to check out a Dirty Harry and was totally blown away by what people were paying for old oil bottles and old Coke/Pepsi signs. I mean $2,000 for a Coke sign?? At least I can have fun with the 2 grand I may throw into a pinball machine.......not just hang...
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    Ottawa Pinball Show VIP Tickets